You Take Care of Business.
We Take Care of Your Data.

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from IT disasters to business as usual.

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We Won’t Let Disasters Ruin Your Day.

Disruptions can cripple a business. The threat of them can keep you up at night. Trusted by businesses for more than eight years, Zetta offers enterprise-level data protection, minimizing downtime and data loss. With always-on, engineer-level, US-based customer support, we bend over backwards to deliver a delightful experience and total peace of mind.

Built for Business.

This is no dressed-up consumer solution. Led by enterprise IT veterans, we’ve created and patented high-performance technology for the complex needs of businesses that depend on the availability of their data for survival. Easy to set up and simple to maintain, Zetta can quickly scale as your data needs expand.

Faster Backups. Full Recoveries. No Hassles.

Time is precious. Zetta is a nimble, adaptable enterprise cloud solution that doesn’t compromise the speed and reliability businesses expect from hardware solutions. Zetta was built with patented WAN optimization technology to handle lightning fast data transfers over the Internet. Even with multi-TB datasets, your cloud backups finish on time and your recoveries are fast, complete, and error free.

Our Trusted, Cloud-Based Solutions

Backup and Recovery

Our award-winning cloud backup and disaster recovery for businesses is ideally suited for datasets > 1 TB. Get reliable protection for all your physical and virtual systems, so you can always recover what you need fast and reliably.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity goes a step further by allowing businesses to boot up full server images in the cloud. If disaster strikes, you can have all of your files, applications, servers – your entire IT environment – up and running in less than five minutes.

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Enterprise-Grade Performance & Reliability

100% Recoverability

95.50% backups completed
in less than 8 hours

< 00hr05min to failover to
Zetta cloud

What Our Customers Say

Tom Philips

"I literally used to have nightmares about backup, but I don't any more because I'm not worried about it.”

Tom Philips, IT Director, KE Andrews, Customer Since 2014