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“By leveraging technologies specifically built for the cloud...
Zetta.net is able to deliver a cost-effective DRaaS solution” - IDC
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  • "Using Zetta we completely restored a server with 2.7TB of data in less than 24 hours."
  • "Zetta has reduced our backup costs – to about half the price we'd been paying."
  • "Yesterday I recovered a file in less than a minute – so fast the user was still on the phone with me."
  • "We like Zetta’s affordable pricing. Other solutions cost $50,000 or more for a backup appliance."
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We like Zetta's simple and affordable pricing.
The other backup solutions we looked at cost $50,000
or more..."
- Westinghouse
Performance is Zetta’s key differentiator versus
the hordes of other vendors crowding the hybrid
cloud-backup market."
- The 451 Group


Analyst Report:
451 Research Group
Download this report on "Zetta.net's Direct-to-Cloud DRaaS Approach" DOWNLOAD
Backup Over 2TB: Best
Practices for Large Data Sets
Best practices for cloud backup
and disaster recovery.
A Backup and Restore
Planning Guide
Be prepared for every day
mishaps to extreme disasters.
Zetta Backup and Recovery:
Technical Datasheet
Download this datasheet to see
Zetta's solution architecture and
more technical details.
How to Build a Disaster
Recovery Plan
Best Practices, Templates
and Tools

Zetta Backup and Recovery: Use Cases

Cloud Server
+ Local
Enterprise Cloud
Backup & DR
vs. Consumer-grade
Backup Software
as a Service
vs. Appliance
Cloud DR 4 Recovery
MSP Backup Why Partner
with Zetta?

Cloud + Local Backup: Complete Protection for Server Data

Cloud + Local. Zetta.net is a complete server backup and disaster recovery solution that enables you to backup server data to both an enterprise-grade cloud and existing local storage.

Full Server Images. Zetta Backup and Recovery backs up and syncs full server images directly to the cloud without an appliance or local staging drive, resulting in faster, more efficient backups.

File System Replication to Cloud: The Zetta Backup and Recovery solution creates a fully instantiated version of your file system in its native format in enterprise-grade data centers.

Server-Specific Backup and Recovery: Zetta.net's cloud backup for business solution is designed for enterprise servers, including SQL, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, NetApp, System State, Files and Network Shares.

WAN Traffic Optimization: The fastest tested cloud server backup solution, Zetta.net uses byte-level change detection, advanced data compression, and a local cache of digital signatures for faster backup and recovery times.

Zetta provides a complete cloud and local server backup and DR solution that simplifies and automates backup and recovery, lower costs by up to 50%, and reduces RTO and RPO.

Enterprise Cloud Backup & DR vs. SMB Grade

Zetta.net is architected to move large amounts of data quickly and securely over the internet. Zetta.net customers are able to backup and recover up to 5TB in 24 hours in real world backup and disaster recovery conditions.

Backup and Recovery Speed: Zetta.net uses patented technologies to move data faster including: byte-level change detection, WAN-traffic optimization, advanced data compression and multi-threaded transport.

Enterprise Security: All backup data is encrypted both in-transit across the internet and at rest in geo-diverse data centers for end-to-end security. File level hashing is used to validate data.

Enterprise Reliability: Zetta.net's cloud storage is built with a unique architecture, that delivers ultra-high data availability, with no waiting for data to become available.

Zetta delivers an enterprise-grade and SSAE-16 audited service that meets the strictest regulatory compliance requirements for HIPAA, FINRA, and ITAR.

Zetta Software as a Service – A Complete Data Protection Solution

Zetta.net provides a complete cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution to replace manual backup processes and offsite services with a 3-in-1 simple online backup service that integrates local and offsite backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

Quick Start: Deploy the lightweight ZettaMirror software agent on servers and endpoints, select data to backup, and start a sync.

Easy Management:
• No appliances
• No software updates and upgrades
• Web-based management console for centralized backup and recoveries, especially valuable for remote locations

Proactive monitoring: Zetta.net's engineers are continuously monitoring customer backup jobs, and will send alerts if they detect an issue.

24x7 US-based engineering level support: The support phone number is a live call to a Zetta.net engineer – no endless automated menus.

Zetta's 3-in-1 data protection solution delivers enterprise-grade backup, DR, and archiving that is easy to deploy and manage – with full support in the event of a disaster.

4 Disaster Recovery Options – Local Storage,
Mounted Web Drive, Web Browser and Software Client

1. Local Recovery: Recover data from local storage over the LAN.

2. Mounted Drive: Data backed up to Zetta.net can be mounted as a drive letter, enabling full file-system recoveries as easily as accessing a network share.

3. Web-Based Recovery: If your data center has been damaged by a disaster, retrieving critical files is as simple as logging into the System Management Portal from a web browser.

4. ZettaMirror: ZettaMirror is an award-winning backup software that replicates data creating a second copy that is always available online. This option is most common for Exchange and SQL database recoveries.

With Zetta backup data is replicated – making it a fully instantiated file system – in its native format – so disaster recovery becomes as easy as pulling a file off a file server.

MSP Cloud Backup & DR

Join Zetta.net's Partner Program and leverage an award-winning cloud-based backup solution for a more profitable revenue stream.

New Recurring Revenue Stream: Start offering Zetta.net’s enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution to generate new recurring revenue and expand marketshare.

Ease of Implementation: Spend less time and resources implementing and managing customer deployments with fast setup, automated daily backups and reporting with Zetta.net’s centralized web-based multi-tenant partner portal.

Higher Margins: Zetta.net's no-appliance approach provides a low cost of entry and reduces administration costs to promote higher margins.

More Affordable: By reducing the cost and complexities associated with managing customer backup environments, Zetta.net has the best price per-gigabyte for an enterprise-class cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

Offering more value to your customers at the cost of backup alone enables you to increase revenue and grow your business.

Get More From Your Backups

More Functionality

3-in-1 backup combines software,
secure online storage and WAN
optimization to deliver:
Local backup
Offsite backup and replication
Remote server backup
Online data archiving
Range of recovery options
     Individual files, entire directories or full
       server images
     Recover from local storage, a mounted
       drive or through the Web
     Restore images as physical or virtual

More Speed

11 patent-pending technologies to move large quantities of data up to 18x faster over the internet: Byte-level WAN-traffic deduplication
Local cache for changed data
Advanced data compression
Multi-threaded data transfer
No traffic throttling
SSD and RAM-based storage

More Affordability

Simple, all-inclusive pricing that starts at $175 per month and
Software licenses for unlimited
   number of servers/endpoints
All functionality included (Backup,
   server images, DR, archiving)
Plug-ins and APIs (SQL, Exchange,
  VMWare, Files)
Secure online storage starting at 500GB
24x7 US-based support
*Total amount of data backup per day depends on available bandwidth. Zetta's WAN optimization technology is able to fully utilize even very large internet pipes to maximize backup and recovery performance.
The three components of next generation online server backup are the backup itself, system snapshots, and replication of your data offsite.

Backup: Zetta Backup and Recovery backs up files, applications and full server images directly to the cloud, without an appliance or local staging drive. Included are specific plugins for Windows System State, Exchange, SQL, VMware and Hyper-V, and multi-platform support for 18 different flavors of Windows, Linux and Mac. Online server backup using ZettaMirror enables automated incremental backups with configurable retention settings.

Snapshots: Snapshots are Versioning-Enabled Backup copies that capture the state of your data at a point in time. Snapshots allow for online server backup with a consistent backup state across your entire system, with granular versioning. Zetta's snapshots use byte-level change detection to optimize the amount of data being transferred across your network during each daily online server backup job.

Replication: Zetta pairs snapshots with replication to provide the most efficient disaster recovery capability. Rather than storing your snapshots compressed, or in a proprietary format, replication makes your backup a fully instantiated file system – in its native format – so disaster recovery becomes as easy as pulling a file off a file server.

Learn More about the 10 Online Server Backup Essentials in this interactive guide and whitepaper.

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