Complete Hyper-V Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup entire Hyper-V images from the host server, data from within individual Hyper-V guests, or both.

Complete Hyper-V Backup & Disaster Recovery in 4 Steps:

Complete Backup Automated dual path
backup to local storage and
online – for offsite data
Fastest Daily
Simplify and speed up your
daily incremental Hyper-V
backups with Zetta.
  • Byte-level Change
  • Local Cache of Digital
  • Advanced Data
  • WAN-traffic
  • Versioning-Enabled
    Access individual files, or
    their earlier versions, from a
    specific point in time without
    restoring a full backup.
    Disaster Recovery 4 options for recovering
    Hyper-V data:
    Additional Resources
    Windows Server Backup
    ROI Calculator
  • Software licenses for unlimited number of servers/endpoints
  • All functionality included (Backup, DR, Archiving)
  • Plug-ins and APIs (Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, VMWare, Files)
  • 500GB of secure online storage
  • 24x7 US-based support
  • Our Customers
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    A Zetta customer successfully
    completed an initial backup of 7.7TB in
    less than 2 days at an average speed of
    Zetta can get large amounts of data
    protected quickly
    A Zetta customer was able to recover
    data back at a rate of 145-150Mbps
    over a 150Mbps connection.
    Zetta maximizes the available
    bandwidth of even a large internet
    Includes • Unlimited software licenses that
    combines local, offsite and
    remote campus backup,
    archiving and disaster recovery
    • Application plug-ins and APIs • 500GB of enterprise-grade
    secure online storage
    • 24x7 managed service
    US-based support
    Pricing Like It Should Be Backup and Recovery is available now and starts at $175 per month. Pricing includes unlimited software licenses that combines local, offsite and remote campus backup, archiving and disaster recovery, application plug-ins and APIs, 500GB of enterprise-grade secure online storage and 24x7 U.S.-based support. Non-profit, volume, and contract duration discounts are available. Request a quote
    We're IT Folks, Too Our team has sysadmins, server engineers, and ex-CTOs. They've all been there and seen the problems with backup first hand. We're dedicated to building the best and simplest backup solution for businesses. Meet the team
    Hundreds of Businesses Use Zetta Zetta powers backup, disaster recovery, and archiving for companies with 500GB to 200TB of data. Our customers include large corporations with distributed offices, small & medium businesses, colleges, and non-profits. Check out these backup case studies
    See How Zetta Backup and Recovery Shortens Your Backup Windows

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