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Online Backup. Archiving. Disaster Recovery. You have a multi-platform environment, and need a backup solution that can protect data on each different platform.’s 3-in-1 backup solution combines online backup, archiving and disaster recovery into a single service with a centralized management console. The web-based console is used to manage onsite, offsite and remote backups for SQL, VMs, Exchange and files on servers running any of 18 different flavors of Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.
This integrated solution lets you manage different platforms and locations through a “single pane of glass,” giving you full visibility in backup data from your environment and reducing manual backup chores.
It also provides secure web-based access for immediate recovery during datacenter outages.

The Technology Backup >> Snapshot >> Replication

Backup Some highlights of a full-featured backup include application and file-aware plug-ins. This is a key piece of the technology supports multi-platform backup. SQL, Exchange, VMware and System State files all have specific plug-ins in the ZettaMirror backup software, built for backing up these applications. There is also an API that supports flexible scripting for adding other applications and platforms to your backup.
Snapshots Snapshots are copies of your backup that capture the state of your files at a point in time. As your data changes over time, individual snapshots provide a recoverable copy of previous versions.
Benefits That Snapshots Provide:
  • Versioning-enabled backups – In addition to being able to recover data deleted in the past you can also recover versions of data that may have changed or been corrupted.
  • Incremental Forever – You can recover files from your backup as if you were doing full backups every day, but the amount of actual storage being used is just 1 full + the daily incremental changes that make up each snapshot.
  • The number one reason why snapshots are an improvement over traditional backup is the versioning granularity they provide when recovering a file, file system, or database.

Replication To provide the most efficient disaster recovery capability, Zetta pairs snapshots with replication. Rather that storing your snapshots compressed, or in a proprietary format, replication makes your backup a fully instantiated file system – in its native format – so disaster recovery becomes as easy as pulling a file off a file server.

Here is where replication technology makes a difference, because it gives you all the protection of an offsite backup with the most efficient disaster recovery process possible. Since your file system is replicated in Zetta’s data centers, recovery of an individual file is instant. Replication completely removes the chores of finding the right tape, mounting the data, searching for the right file, and then hoping it restores properly.
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