Affordable Disaster Recovery: From $175/mo

Deploy Cloud-based DR-as-a-Service in Minutes

Complete Disaster Recovery Service Includes:

Local and web-based recovery Recovery/backup software licenses for unlimited number of servers/endpoints Support for Windows, Mac, Linux Plug-ins for SQL, Exchange, System State, Hyper-V 500GB secure cloud storage 24x7 US-based, engineer-level phone support ADD offsite DR to your existing backup solution
- OR -
REPLACE it with Zetta's 3-in-1 Local + Online Backup and DR
GPA Logo “We had a catastrophic failure on a line-of-business server with 2.7TB of data. Fortunately, we had begun protecting it with Zetta, and had the server completely restored in just under 24 hours.” – IT Director, Randy Paul
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Disaster Recovery ORGANIZATION:

Local + online backup, tape replacement, natural disaster recovery

"Switching from tape-wrangling to Zetta's set-and-forget, I've regained hours of my time, allowing me to focus on other IT tasks."
See more of thIS CASE study: Westinghouse Adds DR, Saves $50k Westinghouse Logo
Bare Metal Recovery BENEFITS OF ZETTA BMR: Automatic system-state
backup / restore to new
hardware device
Only backup / restore user
differential data
Restore to / from remote offices
via web solutions would have
DOWNLOAD: How To BMR Without Errors
3-Way Instant Recovery Zetta’s 3 instant recovery options: ZettaMirror Agent
click on a file or directory from
the admin interface
Web-based Recovery
In case your data center is
Mounted Drive
Select map network drive &
paste the URL
LEARN MORE: Zetta Backup and Recovery Product Info

How It Works

To provide the most efficient offsite disaster recovery capability, Zetta replicates your files in enterprise-grade data centers.

Replication makes your backup a fully instantiated file system – in its native format – so disaster recovery becomes as easy as pulling a file off a file server.

Since your file system is replicated in Zetta’s data centers, recovery of an individual file is instant.
How It Works Graphic

Zetta is trusted by hundreds of small & medium businesses

OUR CUSTOMERS "Yesterday I was able to restore a file within
less than one minute – so fast that the user was
still on the phone with me."
— Andy Abadia, TEECOM Architects
"Adding a new server to Zetta can take as
little as two minutes, including the
configuration of which files need to be
backed up."
— Larry Steinke, St. Francis School
"During Hurricane Sandy we backed up all
of our critical SQL data to a 2nd volume in
Zetta's West Coast data center."
— Jesse Reyna, Westinghouse
Customer Logos OUR PRODUCT Functionality & Value Software licenses for unlimited
number of servers/endpoints
All functionality included (Backup, DR,
Plug-ins and APIs 500GB of secure online storage 24x7 US-based phone support Starting at $175/month or $2,340/year (15% discount) Product Logos Zetta Video Zetta's founders got the idea for better backup
that can move millions of files very quickly over
the Internet while working at Netscape.
See How Affordable Disaster Recovery Is With Zetta:

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