Online Backup and Recovery for Servers: Implementation Architecture

Zetta Backup and Recovery is a complete online backup and disaster recovery solution,
specifically designed for enterprise and the cloud.

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The ZettaMirror lightweight backup software agent installs on local servers and laptops to synchronize all protected data to the datacenters.

The solution can be configured to back up individual files and directories, specific applications, or complete server images.

Data is transferred directly over the Internet to the cloud service, without the need for an appliance or local staging drive. After an initial full backup, only changed data will be sent.

ZettaMirror can be configured to also save a local copy of backups to any on-premise data storage, such as NAS, SAN, USB or hard disk.

Data is housed in SSAE16-audited datacenters located in California and New Jersey.

The Zetta Backup and Recovery solution is managed through a single web-based console, allowing anywhere, anytime access to backups and recovery.


Speed. Built-in WAN optimization allows rapid transfer of large, 500GB+ datasets over the Internet.
Zetta Backup and Recovery makes use of over a dozen speed-boosting technologies including multithreading, transfer compression, local signature caching and sub-file change detection.

Security. Data is encrypted via SSL in flight and AES at rest. Zetta Backup and Recovery is fully compliant with HIPAA and ITAR, and offers 2-factor authentication to further protect customer account access.

Data & Platform Support. The service can back up wide range of data types and platforms, including:

  •    Files & Directories
  •    Server Images
  •    Windows

  • Desktop: Windows XP
    SP2 - Windows 8.1
  • Server: Windows Server
    2003 - 2012 R1

  •    SQL/Exchange
  •    Hyper-V
  •    Linux

  • Centos
  • Debian
  • RedHat
  • SUSE
  • Ubuntu

  •    VMware
  •    NetApp
  •    Mac OS

  • MacOS X
  • MacOS Server

Ease of Recovery. Data is replicated to the cloud in its native format, enabling a faster recovery process.
Users can browse their online backups like any other directory via the web-based management console, and choose individual files to restore. The recovery can then be performed to or from any location with an Internet connection.


Download Zetta Backup and Recovery Datasheet

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