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September 15, 2014

5 Rules to Rock Cloud Backup

Managed service providers are like rock stars for the businesses that rely on them—not having to deal with the day to day management of their IT services, applications or equipment is like music to your customers’ ears. A favorite lyric is the backing up and restoring of files, databases, and entire systems to prevent data…
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September 09, 2014

Breaking Up With Symantec Is Not So Hard to Do

Breaking ties—whether it’s with a lover, a friend, or a long-time provider is not something most people like to do. Breakups are hard. They’re painful. And they consume huge amounts of time and energy. But here’s the story of a breakup that should serve as inspiration for cutting ties, especially when it’s clearly time to…
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September 05, 2014

How to Set Up Two Factor Authentication two factor authentication uses standards-compliant, time-based authentication for customers that have enabled two factor authentication. Completely compatible with the Google Authenticator and other standards-compliant two factor devices, requires a user to input a secure code in addition to their username and password for access. To configure two factor authentication you will need to…
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September 02, 2014

Why VHD Recovery is Best Recovery

We’ve been talking about how the new direct-to-cloud server image function in Version 4.5 makes for better backups, and it does! But as anyone who’s ever had to restore a server after a major incident can tell you, backup is only half the battle. The other half – the more important half – is the…
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September 02, 2014 Now with ConnectWise Integration

SMBs rely on their MSP partners for a lot—and not just for technology. In addition to tending to their systems, customers frequently want individual attention from their MSP and they expect a high level of service for their requests. Generally, that’s just what the MSP wants too–to provide customers with the best possible service and…
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