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June 17, 2015

From MozyPro to A World of Difference in Cloud Backup

Global engineering consulting firm Kleinfelder has 62TB worth of essential data—from engineering designs to earthquake designs—that needs to be secure and backed up with a reliable provider. They recently switched from MozyPro to cloud backup. Their experience has showed them two very different sides of backup. MozyPro: Slow & Failed Backups Backup was anything…
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June 15, 2015

Faster Cloud Backups for Large Files: How It Works

Speed is a crucial aspect of backups – ultimately, it’s the determining factor in how much data you can back up daily. If you have 400GB of data that needs to be backed up each day, and your backup solution can only manage to transfer 200GB within your backup window, you’ve got a problem (or…
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June 09, 2015

Round-the-clock Cloud Backup & DR Reliability

In 2005, Hurricane Rita hit the Gulf of Mexico, the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Many businesses were affected, including managed service provider Server@Work’s Lake Charles, LA, headquarters, knocking out many of its key servers. “Post-recovery, we moved our data center operations out of the Gulf coast and decided to move to cloud-based backup…
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June 01, 2015 vs. MozyPro: Is Online-Only Enough?

If you follow us, you know that one of our favorite topics is backup speed. The reason for this is that speed is a vital component of successful backup; your backup speed determines how quickly you can be ready for disaster, how much data can fit in your backup window and, consequently, the total viable…
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May 27, 2015

Back Up Windows Server 2003 Before It's Too Late

More than 10 million users are currently on Windows Server 2003. That’s bad news for many enterprises as Microsoft is ending support for this operating system (OS) on 15 July, 2015. What this means is that the OS will no longer receive vital updates to keep it one step ahead of hackers. This is no…
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