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Is all of your business data protected?


Data protection seems to be big on everyone’s mind nowadays. From Hurricane Irene, to “cloud this” and “cloud that” in the news seemingly every day, to recent surveys that have indicated a lack of preparedness of the majority of American businesses, it’s no wonder that data protection is a popular topic.

But exactly what information is considered “business data?” And does your organization have a system in place to protect you against data loss and possible legal situations?

Symantec recently published the results of a survey that questioned IT and legal personnel at over 2,000 businesses on what types of data were most often requested in eDiscovery inquiries. The results included:

•   files and documents (67%)
•   database or application data (61%)
•   email (58%)
•   SharePoint files (51%)
•   instant messages and text messages (44%)
•   social media (41%)

What this tells us is that in today’s environment, “business data,” particularly in eDiscovery cases, goes far beyond just email. The data explosion of recent years has meant that businesses need to be aware of and concerned about a growing number of data sources to ensure their complete protection from data loss and keep them prepared for potential eDiscovery requests. It’s important to not overlook data stored in the cloud, social media, text messages, and even instant messaging when formulating a data protection plan. Analyzing all areas of your business to determine where your data comes from is an important first step in developing a reliable data protection plan.

To encourage businesses to get serious about protecting their data, the survey indicates that enterprises that have a data retention plan in place are:

•   78% less likely to be sanctioned by the courts
•   47% less likely to lead to a compromised legal position
•   45% less likely to disclose too much information leading to compromised litigation position
•   20% less likely to have fines levied

ZettaMirror provides automatic data replication to simplify data protection and help prepare you for eDiscovery cases.

Courtenay Troxel
About the Author Courtenay is's content creator, marketing strategist, and ninja in training. is an enterprise-grade cloud and local backup, archiving, and disaster recovery solution for small- and midsize businesses, MSPs, and VARs.

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