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Webinar Announcement – Exchange Backup and DR: What You Need to Know Now


Exchange backup webinar

The State of Exchange Backup and Disaster Recovery

Where are we now? Where do we need to improve? What will exchange backup look like in the future? All of these questions and more will be answered in this upcoming webinar – Exchange Backup and DR: What You Need to Know – presented by Storage Switzerland and Zetta, on Thursday, May 30 at 10:00 am (PDT).
The webinar will include a discussion on the state of Exchange backup from Storage Switzerland’s lead analyst, George Crump, and Chris Schin from Zetta.
Register for the webinar here to learn:
1. The current state of Exchange backup
Exchange is an essential business application that is used for far more than just email. What began as a simple emailing system has slowly evolved into a critical part of employee workflow. Exchange supports much of the communication both internally and with customers so losing access to that data could be devastating.

There are many Exchange protection solutions available but archiving and disaster recovery has still not been addressed at the enterprise level. When your business relies on data to drive communication to customers and suppliers, you can’t afford to lose it in the event of a disaster.
2. Where there is room for improvement
Data backup and disaster recovery for Exchange needs to provide access to critical data quickly so the employee workflow can continue. Data needs to be stored in an onsite device that provides instant accessibility and full recovery in the event that data is lost but it also needs to be stored offsite in a protected environment.
The problem with the current Exchange backup solutions is that in order to maintain the shortest possible recovery time, many companies will simply run an onsite application and send the data to a local backup. This works well if you have a small company but has proven to be an issue for enterprise-grade companies.
3. How you can improve your Exchange backup solution
Zetta takes a different approach to Exchange backup with ZettaMirror. ZettaMirror is a lightweight agent software that works with Zetta’s online backup software to replicate your data to a virtual volume and create a second copy that is always available online. Data is stored in the cloud for offsite protection and then takes the data it sends to the cloud and creates a lean local copy for onsite accessibility. The plugin architecture for Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V, and Windows System State allows for any application without additional fees.
With a complete backup and disaster recovery solution like Zetta, your company can eliminate the cost and hassle of a complex backup application.
For more information on Exchange backup register for our upcoming webinar – Exchange Backup and DR: What You Need to Know.

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