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Gartner’s 4 New Rules of IT Spending for CIOs of Mid-Size Enterprises


New Rules of IT spending
Gartner’s VP of Research Jim Browning recently spoke about IT spending at the Midsize Enterprise Summit (for companies between 100 and 1,000 employees). While Gartner predicts SMB IT spending this year will be $901 billion, up from $868 billion in 2012, CIOs face increasing pressure to justify every dollar of IT spending & investment.
Here are the 4 new rules Gartner’s Browning has for CIOs:

1. Do Less With Less.

“Do more with less” is a common refrain for CIOs today, but Browning’s advice is to do less with less. If IT any projects don’t support long-term business goals, maybe you don’t need to them.
How Zetta Helps You Do Less With Less
Whatever business vertical you are in, backups are a key requirement, both for disaster recovery and the more common, “Oops, I deleted that file.” Since backups are mission critical, they can’t be skipped. But the effort required to do them can be substantially reduced. Most backups have a “deployment,” project, and then ongoing maintenance. Backup administrators regularly come to the office in the morning and find handfuls of backup exceptions to deal with and track down.
Since Zetta doesn’t use an appliance, you can deploy it in 15 minutes. Zetta’s 99.99996% backup reliability, means less backup exceptions, and if or when you encounter one – Zetta’s no-extra-cost 24×7 US-based, engineer-level support is there to help you out.

2. Standardize whenever possible.

The goal here is to create simpler IT environments that are easier and less expensive to manage.
How Zetta Helps You Standardize
Zetta is a single vendor solution, it’s not software, plus an appliance, and a cloud vendor. It’s 4-in-1 local backup, cloud backup, disaster recovery, and archiving – and since your files our replicated in their native format inside Zetta’s enterprise-grade data centers, recovery to different hardware or locations is the standard option after a crash or data disaster.

3. Segment Your Users.

Gartner recommends having 3-5 user profiles, since “one-size” won’t fit all, and too many different profiles just increases cost and complexity.
How Zetta Helps All User Profiles
Zetta is made for server backups. It enables IT to set up a group policy so different users can have roaming profiles that save to a server. Then Zetta backs up that server, and replicates it in Zetta’s cloud for access by IT or users themselves.
All your file-based data, or data that can be reduced to files, can be backed up by Zetta very quickly. This includes data that scales into the hundreds of terrabytes – well beyond what the “prosumer” cloud backup solutions can handle. This is because Zetta isn’t a collaboration tool that sort of also works as a backup, it’s built from the ground up to be a cloud server backup solution for data at internet scale.
Consider this: Zetta’s data centers and service are SSAE-16 certified, and can actually improve the security profile of your backups. Can you current cloud backup provider say that?

4. Consider “Good enough” Where Possible.

According to Gartner, about 70 percent of your IT requirements can be met by “good enough” solutions, that free up room in the budget for spending on growth and other IT transformation projects.
Zetta Delivers Outstanding Backup, You Only Pay The “Good Enough” Price
Zetta’s 4-in-1 backup and recovery is enterprise-grade in every sense of that term, including award-winning software, patent-pending WAN-Optimization technology, and 24×7 engineer-level support.
However, the reason a lot of IT managers come to us is they’re fed up with managing 5 separate niche backup products for physical servers, VMs, Exchange, and SQL. What these IT managers are usually looking for is a backup and recovery solution that gets their data offsite, offers support that can help if a disaster strikes – and that is value priced.
Considering the hundreds of companies that are switching to Zetta, it’s clear that enterprise-grade 4-in-1 backup & recovery – that starts at just $225 a month – fits the bill for IT managers in this situation.
So, the new rules of IT spending may be more challenging than the old rules, but when you’re ready to get started – just give Zetta a call, and we’ll help get your backups up to the new standard. After that, the cost savings and piece-of-mind will make transforming the rest of your IT environment that much easier. is an enterprise-grade cloud and local backup, archiving, and disaster recovery solution for small- and midsize businesses, MSPs, and VARs.

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