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Get Both: Local and Offsite Backup


local and offsite backup

Zetta enables local + offsite backup with a single solution.

The very first question most companies have to answer with their backup is: should we do local backup, offsite, or both.

Local Backup

Originally there was just local backup: the networking infrastructure simply didn’t exist for routine, large-scale data transfers to remote locations. For added security, tapes or removable hard drives would be moved offsite for storage, but it was still a locally managed solution.
Local backup advantages:

  • Speed: Local Area Network (LAN) speeds are typically 100 megabits or 1 gigabit (1000 megabits) per second. If you live in Kansas City or Provo, Utah, you can get that kind of speed through Google Fiber, but anywhere else in the US it’s likely that your company has a fraction of that speed, unless you’re paying for a data center-grade connection.

  • Security: since the data never leads your premises, it reduces the chance of it being stolen since it can’t be intercepted in transit.
    Local backup disadvantages:

  • Technology: managing local storage for backup can quickly become a full-time job once data starts growing beyond as little as 10TB.


  • Cost: Buying and maintaining backup software and storage can be very costly. This Backup TCO Calculator, will help you see a full cost breakdown based on your environment.

  • Lower Reliability: local backup is more likely to fail due to corrupted or damaged drives than a reputable cloud backup provider with enterprise-grade data centers and storage hardware.

  • Multiple locations: Remote branch offices and employees on the road all need backup, which really multiplies the complexity of local backup and increases the costs.

  • Security (from natural disasters): keeping your data onsite provides no protection from natural disasters or human accidents.

    Offsite Backup

    Offsite backup solutions that utilize the cloud and have some advantages when compared to local backup.
    Offsite backup advantages:

    • Cost: There is no need to purchase and maintain specialized equipment or software “” many companies see savings of 50% or more.

    • Time: No equipment and software to research, purchase, install, configure, or manage on a daily basis.

    • Speed: the use of sub-file change detection and multi-channel transmission allows several Gigabytes of data to be backed up daily over an ordinary Internet connection, without slowing down other business traffic.

    • Security: secure connections, 24/7 physical security at the data center and use of 256-bit encryption provide a security level above what many companies can afford on their own.
      Offsite backup disadvantages:
      • Internet Connection: In a scenario where the internet connection isn’t available, then no new backup or recovery is possible.


      Zetta’s Enterprise-grade Backup Solution

      With Zetta’s 4-in-1 solution your get local backup, cloud backup, archiving, and disaster recovery “” with having to choose between using local and offsite backup “” and instead getting the advantages of both. Additionally, unlike some other vendors, you don’t need to buy a specialized backup appliance, and can use any available storage for the local backup copy.
      “Zetta competes primarily with traditional on-premises backup/recovery vendors, most notably Symantec and its SMB-focused Backup Exec software,” says Dave Simpson, a lead analyst at 451 Research. “Versus these vendors, Zetta differentiates with its tightly integrated cloud-based data protection service and its back-end file system.”
      “To a degree, Zetta also competes with traditional online backup vendors, such as Mozy and Carbonite, which are trying to move from a consumer base to the business market,” Simpson continues. “However, those companies are not WAN-optimized (which leads to poor performance when transferring large data sets) and lack local backup.”
      For more information on how Zetta’s approach to server backup, give us a call or go ahead and start a free trial anytime.

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