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Convincing Your Boss to Invest in Data Protection


One of the primary obstacles IT professionals face when convincing their bosses to sign off on a data protection solution is cost. Particularly in today’s economy, decision makers are reluctant to take on new expenses that they don’t see the value in. Or perhaps they understand the benefits of data protection but don’t feel they have a need for it and would rather pay for recovery if and when a disaster happens. Whatever your boss’s hang-ups are about investing in a data protection solution, it’s important to educate him on the risks the entire organization takes by remaining unprotected.


When discussing the adoption of a data protection solution with your boss, here are two of the most important points to emphasize:


Disaster Preparation / Disaster Recovery


When your home computer crashes, you’re likely to lose photos, videos, and other personal files. You might not lose much, if anything, that actually costs you money, but if your work computer were damaged, it would be a different story. Now imagine it’s not just one work computer that crashes but an entire network that is affected by a virus attempting to hack sensitive data or a fire that destroys your office. Now what? If a data protection plan were in place, your business would suffer little, if any, downtime. But with no protection, you would have to start from scratch, re-creating files and network settings, not just for one or two employees, but for the entire organization. How much downtime could your business actually withstand?


Human Error


We’re all human. Sometimes we open emails in our spam folders and click on websites that aren’t reputable. Or maybe we leave our laptops and cell phones in our cars and forget to lock up. Even scarier is the amount of personal and professional data we divulge on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a slew of others. Hackers are adept at using this information to create traps for us. They often practice a technique called “spear phishing,” which involves sending us an email from our “boss” with a link that, upon being clicked, can send us to sites teeming with malware or asking us for passwords and other sensitive data. IT security training firm, KnowBe4, recently conducted a spear phishing experiment of its own and found that, of the 81 companies tested, 43% had at least one employee click on the link mentioned in the emails it sent out. All it takes is that one instance of human error to take down your entire network and put your sensitive data at risk.


At Zetta, we make data protection easy to understand and implement. We know not everyone has the technical expertise that we do, and that is why we offer a number of resources like our complimentary cloud storage webinars to help our customers understand and feel comfortable with our solutions. New to Zetta or data protection? Watch our demo video to get started.

Courtenay Troxel
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