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August 15, 2014

BMR: Broken Servers, Broken Promises, Broken Hearts

Nobody was expecting a truck-shaped hole in your office when you came in to work this morning. But there it is, minus the truck that failed to negotiate a turn (but succeeded at using your primary server as a speed bump). Fortunately you’re on point with your backups, and as Facilities gets the hole covered,…
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August 14, 2014

Backup Appliance: The Recovery Albatross

Here’s the situation : you’re working through tickets at your desk, and the fire alarm goes off. You hustle outside with the rest of the office, and discover to your surprise that it’s not a drill – there’s a fire truck outside. You soon learn that a water pipe burst in the server room, flooding…
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August 11, 2014

EU Raises Stakes Around Data Privacy Compliance in the Cloud

With the European Union poised to enact new legislation around data privacy and data protection, compliance will become a major consideration for U.S. companies evaluating cloud services and a key differentiator for cloud providers. On the upside, the forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will simplify compliance for cloud providers and their customers by…
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August 06, 2014

To Build or Not to Build: MSP Backup Dilemma

To build, or not to build—is that the question? When it comes to adding a backup and recovery solution to your portfolio of services, some managed service providers are faced with the decision of whether to build or not to build their own data center. Building your own data center could mean you have complete…
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July 31, 2014

Dealing with Diversity in Data: Cloud Backup and DR for Schools

School’s out, but for IT things are just heating up. Here’s Part 5 of our series on issues for IT in education, where we examine the challenge of backing up a highly varied environment, and how can help. It’s easy to back up data in an environment where every machine is the same OS,…
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