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January 06, 2015

Cloud Backup Solutions: 6 Key Considerations For MSPs

It’s a double-edged sword really. The more customers you have means increased revenue and profit. But it can also mean you have many more and different IT requirements to address, especially if you’re managing the backup and recovery of their server environment. 30-day Retention Period For instance, one customer may have over 500GB of files…
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December 30, 2014

2014 Takeaway: Time to Get Real About Data Protection

We’re in the home stretch of 2014 – time to light some sparklers, pop open some bubbly and make promises to ourselves that we all know won’t last through February. But according to a series of recent reports, “Try Harder on Data Protection” is a New Year’s Resolution companies should keep. A recent Computerworld op-ed…
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December 23, 2014

Infographic: The History of Bandwidth

As bandwidth capabilities and requirements both rapidly increase, so does the standard of how much bandwidth is “enough.” Just this month, the FCC declared that providers receiving federal subsidies to deliver broadband to rural areas must meet a 10Mbps download / 1Mbps upload minimum requirement – up from a requirement for 4/1 set just three…
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December 05, 2014

Keeping Disaster Recovery In-House Can Be Risky Business

With limited time and budgets, there’s only so much internal IT can do. And when it comes to housekeeping tasks, the in-house team usually has bigger fish to fry. That’s why most companies these days outsource such tasks to their partners. As it turns out though, there’s one housekeeping task that companies actually prefer to…
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December 04, 2014

MSP Backup Trends & Key Considerations for Server Image Backups

MSPMentor Executive Editor Jessica Davis had a Fastchat video Q&A with VP of Products Chris Schin about MSP backup trends and how VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) recovery actually makes bare metal recovery (BMR) work. According to Chris, there are two main backup trends for managed services providers & their customers: 1. There is a…
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