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January 25, 2012

Post Tornado Data Access & Disaster Recovery


Tornado damagePre-dawn tornadoes struck with deadly results Monday in Alabama. In the community of Clay, more than 300 homes were damaged shortly after 4 a.m. as the tornado swept through. Less than a year earlier, a massive F5 tornado devastated nearby Joplin, Missouri. Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia were all under tornado watch. While advanced warnings can provide precious time and save lives, nothing can prevent the physical damage and devastation that these storms will wreak.

Keeping a business running or getting it running again after the storms pass is a challenge. For IT, it means maintaining access to critical data from databases, mail and file servers, as well as insuring ongoing employee access to their online business files.

For many, it could be extremely hard to accomplish these tasks, due to power outages and hazardous travel conditions, when people cannot get to work, and the IT infrastructure is down due to lost power or physical destruction. Weather emergency data backup & recovery calls for extra steps.

One of the key challenges is employee access to business critical data stored on servers. Traditional backup copies of data stored on tapes, external disks or USBs, may be difficult to obtain or impossible to restore in a timely fashion when the datacenters are down or weather inhibits travel.

Disaster recovery services, such as Zetta, help keep businesses running even during such severe conditions by providing IT and other employees with secure, controlled access to both server and desktop backup data when weather conditions have made getting to the office “” or even working from home “” not an option.

Company employees can access and retrieve their backup files from any location with power and Internet connection using just a web browser, even with the datacenters being down and IT managers being unavailable.

The server online backup data can be immediately accessed from other regional offices not affected by the weather. And once the power is restored, the data can be quickly retrieved to primary and secondary datacenters, eliminating the risk of data loss occurring during the outage.

You can read how the Town of Dedham, Massachusetts relies on Zetta to provide protection against such weather disasters. Other Zetta customers also indicate that online data backup and recovery solutions help them keep their businesses going and significantly reduce the impact from weather emergencies such as tornadoes, snowstorms and power outages.

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