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Courtenay Troxel

November 07, 2013

Recovering from Cryptolocker With Cloud Backup

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cryptolocker cloud backup disaster recovery

Recover from Cryptolocker with enterprise cloud backup & DR

In September, a new type of trojan ransomware, CryptoLocker, started making the rounds by way of email attachments and links on infected webpages. It won’t destroy anything on your computers, just encrypt the data so you the user can’t access it.
Once the files are encrypted, a screen pops up directing the user to pay a ransom of $100 to $300 (or two Bitcoins) within three days to regain access to the files. Beyond the 72-hour deadline, the ransom rises to 10 Bitcoins (About $3000).
CryptoLocker itself is not difficult to remove, the damage comes from the encryption. It targets commonly used files including those created with Microsoft Office (doc, docm, docx, ppt, pptm, pptx, pst, xls, slsm, slsx), Word Perfect (wpd), and Open Office (odb, odm, odp, ods, odt); as well as common types of graphics files such as jpg, psd and raw. The files are encrypted using a 2048-bit RSA key, making it impossible to crack in a short enough time using a brute force attack. As Kapersky Lab System Engineer Adam Burns said in a support forum posting:

However, as the private key is kept on the attackers’ server and it uses RSA-2048, there is currently no possible way to decrypt the files that were already attacked.
I strongly advise everyone take part in backing up critical data. This virus really encrypts your files.

Most antivirus vendors have tools to remove CryptoLocker from an infected machine and also provide advice on how to prevent an infection in the first place.
However, they do not provide a method of decrypting the files, so it is good to take Burns’s advice about “backing up critical data” so one can then restore the data without having to pay the ransom. The question is how fast can one fully restore normal operations after removing CryptoLocker. One poster to the Sysadmin forum on Reddit described it like this:

As I see it, to recover from infections that threaten encryption or deletion, you need backups that keep incremental and/or differential copies of files, so that if the infection happens on Friday and the scheduled daily backups saved Saturday and Sunday, on Monday you could easily roll files back to the un-infected state from Thursday.
But I don’t like how long [consumer cloud backup solutions] take to backup a system, nor how long it might take to restore a whole system. Who can wait weeks to restore?

For those who need faster backups and restore, delivers backup/recovery speed that enables recovery of up to 4TB in 24 hours – to rapidly restore files following an attack by CryptoLocker, or whatever malware gets released next month. Also, since Zetta enables web-based access to backup data, IT managers can allow users access to uncorrupted business data even before CryptoLocker has been removed.
Zetta’s snapshot & replication based enterprise cloud backup and DR solution enables recovery from a point in time before Cryptolocker or any malware began affecting critical business data.

Courtenay Troxel

November 05, 2013

Getting Started With Zetta’s Enterprise Backup Solution

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This post is meant to give you a closer look at Zetta’s Service Management Platform (SMP), and show how an admin-level user would go about setting up our enterprise backup solution in their environment.

Enterprise Backup Solution Dashboard

The SMP is a Web UI that allows you to manage certain aspects of your account as well as gather statistics on backup jobs, storage being used, snapshots, and recoveries.

The Enterprise Backup Dashboard

After logging in, you’ll be presented with the SMP Dashboard with 4 navigation tabs at the top of the Dashboard which navigate to different sections of the SMP, Dashboard, Storage, Users, and Knowledge Base.
On the Dashboard tab you will see three sections, Events, Storage, and Support.
The Events section you see on the Dashboard has two tabs, System and Storage. On the system tab you will find events related to the Zetta system and when they will or have occurred. This is where you will see notifications about maintenance, and other Zetta information.
On the Storage tab you’ll find events related to the Zetta Storage and when they occurred. Clicking on “View All Events” will present you with a listing of all the events that have taken place and also provide a search tool for the events.

Courtenay Troxel

October 30, 2013

How Fast is Fast Enough for Cloud Server Backup?

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Fastest Cloud Server Backup Solution

When it comes to cloud server backup, one of the primary considerations is how quickly the nightly backup job completes. Large enterprises go to great expense to set up disk-to-disk storage systems and virtual tape libraries to make sure that overnight backups get done before users show up for work the next morning. But what about smaller companies using cloud server backup? How fast do those backups need to be?

Is 100GB/Day Cloud Server Backup Enough?

Carbonite advertises that its “Enhanced Server Backup” service for small businesses comes with “premium features including high-speed uploads.” It defines a high-speed upload as “up to 100GB a day, depending on your Internet Service Provider”

100GB a day would certainly have been enough data transfer a decade ago, when that would have been the entire contents of a good-sized hard drive, but is it enough for current needs?

The answer depends what you are trying to back up. If there are only a few small servers or client devices, 100 GB may be adequate. But getting into cloud server backup and DR that requires and backing up all servers and endpoints, you may run into trouble.

At 100GB/day, it would take 10 days to back up 1TB of data. With a 4TB drive, we’re we’re talking about Biblical cloud server backup – 40 days and 40 – nights to do a full back up. And remember, it’s “up to 100 GB,” so your results may vary.

Now, of course, there’s no reason to take a full backup of all data on a daily basis. Carbonite and other cloud server backup providers do a good job of locating and backing up only the data that changes on a day-to-day basis. In addition, many disks are far from full.

Given the routine daily operations, 100GB may be more than enough to backup that day’s changes. But IT operations aren’t the same day after day after day. Even a simple action such as setting up a new server or PC can use up that 100GB. What happens when you migrate the email to a new platform, create a new database or clean up your file system? What if you push changes out to all the employee desktops and laptops? Can you really afford to wait days or weeks for a backup?

What about 4TB/Day?

Contrast that 100GB limit with’s backup speed that can backup up to 4TB per day – 6X the amount of Carbonite’s premium service. On most days, your company may not need that extra capacity. But when you do make major changes, you don’t have to worry that your data will be backing up, and dragging down network performance for the next week or more.

September 19, 2013

Cloud Storage is Just Part of Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Ali Jenab is the CEO of An industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience, he was previously the CEO of SourceForge. Prior to that, he held leadership positions with Amdahl Corporation and VA Linux, where he played a key role in the transformation from a Linux hardware server company into a software, services and media company that included SourceForge.

Cloud Storage to Cloud Solutions

Innovation never stops, from the Intel 4004 to the latest cloud solutions.

On Tuesday, we all heard the news about enterprise cloud storage provider Nirvanix shutting down. It’s an unfortunate development for Nirvanix customers. It also highlights the fact that cloud storage has become a commodity, offered by companies like Amazon and Google at commodity prices. Cloud storage is still important – but only as a building block of cloud solutions.

Cloud solutions utilize many infrastructure components, including storage, to deliver significantly more functionality, better performance, and improved user experience – with pricing that offers substantially more value than the traditional enterprise software model.

Take for example, cloud storage is an important part of that product, but it’s not the whole offering. It’s the rich functionality and performance of their solution that’s changing the way businesses drive revenue and maintain relationships with customers.

Offering a complete cloud solution is the path that has taken for the enterprise-grade cloud backup and disaster recovery service we provide – one that’s seen 247% customer growth in the last year.

Cloud Storage is a Commodity

Cloud storage is a commodity that users and customers view as being undifferentiated. In this situation, offering the lowest price per-GB becomes the dominant way for cloud storage providers to win new customers – not features or performance.

Courtenay Troxel

June 06, 2013 Wins Red Herring Top 100 North America Award

Courtenay is a Channel Marketing Strategist at

Zetta Cloud Backup Award is a winner of Red Herring’s Top 100 for 2013!

Zetta is proud to announce that it has been named a winner of the Red Herring 2013 Top 100 North America award!
The award recognizes the most promising privately held companies in North America based on their innovations, technologies, and business models.

Being Selected Is No Small Feat

“In 2013, selecting the Top 100 achievers was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “In fact, we had the toughest time in years because so many entrepreneurs have crossed significant milestones so early. But after much thought, rigorous contemplation and discussion, we narrowed our list down from hundreds of candidates from across North America to the Top 100 Winners. We believe embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was very strong.”

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