Board of Directors

Mike Grossman, CEO

Mike Grossman has spent 20 years as an entrepreneurial CEO, running a series of innovative, venture capital funded SaaS companies. Most recently, Mike was CEO of SugarSync, a leading cloud storage provider acquired in March 2015 by j2 Global. Prior to SugarSync, Mike was CEO of three other venture backed SaaS companies: Attributor, Tempo Payments, and LiveCapital. Mike also has significant experience with larger companies, including Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey & Company, and Intuit. Mike has degrees in economics and law from Harvard University.


Jeff Whitehead, Zetta Co-founder & Vice President of Technical Operations and CTO

Most recently Jeff Whitehead spent more than two years as CIO of Shutterfly. At Shutterfly Jeff led the IT and production operations staff through a rapid growth phase from less than one petabyte of online storage to more than six petabytes while improving availability from less than 99% to more than 99.99%. Prior to its acquisition by Shutterfly, Jeff was co-founder of Memory Matrix and led all technical operations. Jeff was previously Director of Operations for, Dealtime and Epinions. Jeff began his career in Silicon Valley as one of the first website administrators at Netscape developing techniques commonly known now as global load balancing.


Lou Montulli, Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Most recently Lou Montulli was VP of Engineering at Shutterfly. Prior to its acquisition by Shutterfly, Lou was co-founder and CEO of Memory Matrix, a company that built highly scalable consumer photo services applications. Prior to that Lou was a co-founder and director of operations at Lou was a founding engineer at Netscape Communications where his responsibilities included the first cross-product networking and caching libraries, cookies, and many other key innovations in HTTP and HTML. Lou was a key early innovator in the web having written the Lynx web browser while at the University of Kansas.


Greg Gretsch, Sigma Partners

As a former founder and executive of four start-up technology companies, Greg uses his expertise to assist entrepreneurs in building strong businesses. Greg has been in the high-technology industry for more than 17 years. He joined Sigma in 2000, and brings to the firm expertise in new venture creation and marketing. Greg tracks markets that have an impact on both the enterprise and the consumer, including business applications, enterprise infrastructure, storage, Internet services, consumer services, and alternative energy.
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Bill Elmore, Foundation Capital

Bill founded Foundation Capital in 1995 with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs build strong organizations from the ground up. He has always operated on the belief that substantial, sustainable companies are the result of matching insight—whether about technology or market opportunity—with the right entrepreneur and management team.




Taher El Gamal

One of the world's leading cryptographers and a successful serial entrepreneur, Dr. Elgamal is recognized as the inventor of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology writing the patents and promoting SSL as the Internet security standard. An inventor of several key security technologies, Dr. Elgamal created many industry and government standards in the data security and digital signatures areas, including the Digital Signature Standard (DSS) government standard for digital signatures. Dr. Elgamal is the inventor of the Elgamal Cryptosystem which is used in many commercial products and is the foundation for modern elliptic-curve ciphers.