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When losing a file can mean losing a client’s business, business service providers have to be able to rely on the backup and have access to your data at anytime – even if the central file server has gone down, or a major storm is bearing down. The huge expolosion of data is causing traditional backup software to struggle, regularly exceeding both backup windows and budgets. Over 250 small, medium, and enterprise businesses are using Zetta to back up over 10,000,000,000 files monthly with 99.99995% reliability and 100% recovery reliability.

Customer Quotes

Zetta backup and recovery for our local storage gives us peace of mind as well as access to data from anywhere in the world. It's not just limited to my internal network."
— Douglas Shaw, CTO The Aura Group
Yesterday I was able to restore a file within less than one minute – so fast that the user was still on the phone with me."
— Andy Abadia, Network Administrator, TEECOM

Featured Case Study

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Application: Data Backup and Archive Challenge: Cost-effective backup of business files and media kits removing the reliance on tape The Aura Group is an online advertising firm that puts out electronic press kits for movie studios containing clips and other information about the movies in multiple formats. It streams the video clips in stead of sending them to the outlets. Expansion of their existing SAN for variable project requirements was too expensive and juggling tapes for backups was complex. Zetta Solution: Zetta Data Protect with ZettaMirror and a Zetta Virtual Volume of about 2TB provides storage for media kits and nightly backups of business data. Zetta features that were significant to this solution include:
Flexible capacity for media kit storage Offsite, tapeless daily backups of business data Rapid data upload, over 40Mbps Data encryption for secure offsite storage
Result: Flexible capacity and reduced expense for media kit storage with anywhere access to data that's been synched to the Zetta Volume.
Zetta’s growing customer base includes businesses from all over the United States:

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