Zetta's Backup Service Customers

Customers of Zetta’s 3-in-1 online server backup service include businesses from a diverse range of industries that have a common need for an affordable backup, disaster recovery, and archiving solution. Zetta’s growing customer base of over 1,500 companies, schools, and non-profit organizations includes the companies shown here – all of which benefit from the peace of mind generated by Zetta’s 99.99996% backup reliability and 100% recovery reliability.
Education Software and Technology Manufacturing Legal Services Marketing and Media Financial Services

Zetta offers its customers a reliable enterprise-grade online server backup solution that lowers the cost of offsite backup, while adding functionality. Businesses that choose Zetta for online server backup are able to free up space in IT budget for other projects. As your business grows, Zetta’s 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery, and archiving solution delivers scalability advantages that other vendors with appliance-based solutions can’t match. Zetta integrates easily into your IT environment, and can be deployed in 15 minutes. A centralized web console enables you to manage all your backup jobs (local, offsite, and remote) from any connected computer. Additionally, Zetta delivers both pro-active backup monitoring and unlimited 24x7 phone support at no additional cost. Zetta is committed to serving companies seeking affordable offsite server backup solutions for their business with speed, reliability, security, and support.

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