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Educational institutions exhibit many characteristics that lend themselves to enterprise-class, on-demand data storage solutions. Capital expenditures are often difficult to approve. Distributed usage profiles are typical. Departmental and project oriented data is common.


Zetta immediately replicates and protects data offsite with industry leading data integrity, enterprise grade security and performance critical SLAs for educational institutions looking to reduce their risks, simplify their workloads and reduce their costs all at the same time.

Featured Case Study


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Application: Online Archive


Challenge: Replacement for antiquated tape backup


The computer science department at UCLA was looking to replace an antiquated tape backup process with an online archive of file information. Initial investigation included traditional data storage service providers, but those were dismissed for lack of a compatible file access protocol.


Zetta Solution
Online data archive replaced the existing tape backup process. Files are securely moved using FTPS protocol over an Internet connection. Once archived to the Zetta volume, files can be directly accessed via NFS without having to go through a restore from tape.


Zetta features that were significant to this solution include:

  • Native file access protocols
  • Good write performance for daily data transfers
  • Internet connectivity
  • Offsite data storage


Planned 1TB of file data is being archived to the Zetta system. After a brief testing phase, implementation was immediate with no special hardware or software required.