Exchange Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

Exchange-specific backup is part of’s enterprise-grade 3-in-1 backup and recovery solution.
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How it works
Zetta backed up our critical database servers to their west coast data center so Hurricane Sandy wouldn’t impact their availability. – IT Manager, Westinghouse
Once we realized how reliable Zetta is, I stopped using tape backup for the college’s 30 physical servers, including Exchange, SQL and SharePoint databases. – IT Director, Merced College
Features: Exchange Backup & DR
Complete Exchange Backup & DR
Includes local backup, cloud backup, and DR for .pst, .edb, and .stm files.
Exchange-aware Backup
Exchange transaction logs automatically truncated for rapid recovery and lower storage footprint.
Independent Exchange Data Retention
Adjust the retention schedule of Exchange data separately from files or SQL data.
Automated Configuration
1-click configuration for Exchange server backups with award-winning ZettaMirror software.
200% Faster Mailbox Level Recovery
WAN traffic optimized for fast mailbox recoveries.
Supported: Versions of Exchange
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
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Zetta is trusted by hundreds of small & medium businesses

OUR CUSTOMERS "Yesterday I was able to restore a file within
less than one minute – so fast that the user was
still on the phone with me."
— Andy Abadia, TEECOM Architects
"Adding a new server to Zetta can take as
little as two minutes, including the
configuration of which files need to be
backed up."
— Larry Steinke, St. Francis School
"During Hurricane Sandy we backed up all
of our critical SQL data to a 2nd volume in
Zetta's West Coast data center."
— Jesse Reyna, Westinghouse
Customer Logos OUR PRODUCTS Functionality & Value Software licenses for unlimited
number of servers/endpoints
All functionality included (Backup, DR,
Plug-ins and APIs 500GB of secure online storage 24x7 US-based phone support Starting at $175/month or $2,100/year (15% discount) Product Logos Zetta Video Zetta's founders got the idea for better backup
that can move millions of files very quickly over
the Internet while working at Netscape.
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