Sigma Partners

Founded in 1984, Sigma Partners is a leading early-stage venture capital firm. The Sigma team uses their deep operational experience to provide entrepreneurs with practical strategic counsel through every phase of company growth. With over $1.5 billion under management and bicoastal offices, Sigma invests in innovative technology startups across the United States.

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Foundation Capital

Founded in 1995, Foundation Capital is a venture capital firm committed to supporting entrepreneurs and their companies, targeting innovative opportunities in telecommunications and networking; Internet infrastructure; and enterprise software and on demand services. Foundation Capital funds total more than $1.6 billion.

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Industry Ventures

Founded in 2000, Industry Ventures manages over $1.75 billion and has structured flexible liquidity solutions for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and limited partners and helped pioneer a new market along the way.

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Participating Angel investors also include:

Ron Conway, John Zeisler, Amidzad