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Law firms with rapidly increasing datasets containing millions of document files, are noticing that traditional backup software and appliances struggle to keep up, causing missed backup windows. customers benefit from best-of-breed backup performance, including a customer whose backup time went from 24 hours to 90 minutes. Over 250 small, medium, and enterprise businesses are using Zetta to back up over 10,000,000,000 files monthly with 99.99995% reliability and 100% recovery reliability.'s 3-in-1 online backup solution helps law firms to signifigantly cut backup costs, add functionality — like archiving and disaster recovery — and simplify and automate backups, freeing IT resources and budgets for other projects.

Customer Quotes

The fact that Zetta has a complete enterprise-grade back-end, it really makes us feel confident in the security."
— Don Peterson, Merced College
Yesterday I was able to restore a file within less than one minute – so fast that the user was still on the phone with me."
— Andy Abadia, Network Administrator, TEECOM

Featured Case Study

Application: e-mail Active Archive Challenge: Replace aging WORM system with email active archive One of Silicon Valley's largest law firms wanted to transition away from Symantec Enterprise Vault archiving software, a content addressable storage repository they had purchased a number of years ago. Long-term data retention with a dual off-site profile was on the requirements list, and files needed to be live and directly accessible with common access protocols, not in a backed up or offline state. Zetta Solution: Use a Zetta volume with an expected capacity of 5TB to 10TB, accessed via CIFS over Internet connection with 50-100 users. Continue to use Symantec Enterprise Vault while migrating old data. Send new data to the Zetta volume. Geo-replication planned for mid-2010. Zetta features that were significant to this solution include:
Off-premise data storage Compatible file-access protocols Geographic redundant data storage
Result: After old data was migrated the firm stopped using the Symantec software. With new data flowing to the Zetta system and geo-replication completed, the firm's requirements have been met.
Zetta’s growing customer base includes businesses from all over the United States:

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