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Manufacturing companies generate large amounts of data, from product designs and secret formulas to sales history and customer information. Having that data backed up offsite and locally can keep the company moving forward after a major disaster or minor accident. Over 250 small, medium, and enterprise businesses are using Zetta to back up over 10,000,000,000 files monthly with 99.99995% reliability and 100% recovery reliability.'s 3-in-1 online backup solution helps technology companies signifigantly cut backup costs, add functionality -- like archiving and disaster recovery -- and simplify and automate backups.

Customer Quotes

We are seeing a lot of value from the Zetta service. We like the simplicity of the service, the phenomenal support and the administration power Zetta gives us to have the data available at our fingertips."
— Jesse Reyna, Westinghouse Lighting, IT Support Supervisor
We've now got the online backup I'd been hoping for – one that's responsive, affordable, flexible, and secure for our restore, archive and disaster recovery needs."
— Andy Abadia, TEECOM

Featured Case Study

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Application: Disaster Recovery Challenge: Eliminate tapes for offsite backup, automate and simplify backing up critical data on a daily basis Skender Construction is a construction firm serving clients in the Chicagoland area since their founding in 1955 by Joseph Skender Sr. Skender’s IT environment is a mix of physical servers and XenServer virtual servers. Zetta Solution: Skender built the offsite replication and disaster recovery portion of their solution around Zetta. Data is stored at Zetta in an encrypted format and protected against multiple failures for complete safety and security. Files in the Zetta volume are directly mountable and accessible over the Internet either through a browser or through direct server mount points, so recovery time can be as fast as a file system mount. With the automatic snapshots, past versions of end user files can now also be easily accessed or recovered over the Internet. Zetta features that were significant to this solution include:
Files are replicated in a file system format, exactly mirroring the local storage environment Subfile change detection, increases speed to meet backup windows No charge for the ZettaMirror agent software, no matter how many copies are installed
Zetta’s growing customer base includes businesses from all over the United States:

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