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Zetta's unique approach to enterprise backup and recovery is making news. Read what industry-leading publications and analyst have to say about Zetta's backup and recovery technology, business applications, and the development of enterprise cloud backup services. Please contact us for additional information or quotes about any of the articles or reports below.


Date Source Title
Oct 1 2015 Backup Review Top 100 Online Backup Companies for October 2015
Sep 24 2015 TechDecisions University of Arizona Uses Zetta.net to Digitally Archive its 6 Million-Piece History
Aug 18 2015 Data Evolution 3 Types of Data Backup Options You Need To Know About
Aug 10 2015 Small Business Computing DRaaS: Disaster Recovery Technology for Small Business
Jul 17 2015 Enterprise Storage Top Ten Tips for DR as a Service
Jun 18 2015 Datamation Will the Real Private Cloud Please Stand Up?
Jun 11 2015 TechTarget Cloud backup providers must build trust
May 14 2015 Datamation Cloud Computing DR: Accelerating Developments
May 8 2015 TechTarget Cloud backup provider Zetta adds DR as a service
May 7 2015 MSPmentor 5 Cloud Computing Stories MSPs Need to Know About
May 4 2015 ITBusinessEdge Zetta.net Provides DRaaS in the Cloud Sans Appliances
May 4 2015 VMblog.com Zetta.net Launches cloudDRaaS
Apr 22 2015 MSPmentor Zetta.net Unveils White Label Option, Updates ConnectWise Integration
Apr 13 2015 NETWORKWORLD New products of the week 04.13.2015
Mar 03 2015 eWeek World Backup Day 2015: A Reminder of the Pain of Lost Data
Feb 18 2015 Storage Newsletter Zetta.net Achieves 431% MSP Growth
Feb 13 2015 MSP Today Zetta.net: 431 Percent Growth of MSP Partner Network in 2014
Feb 12 2015 CNBC Storage as a Service Market (STaaS) to see 37% CAGR to 2019
Jan 28 2015 Virtual Strategy Magazine Executive Viewpoint 2015 Prediction: Zetta.net - Backup and Recovery Trends
Dec 22 2014 VM Blog Zetta 2015 Predictions: Backup Trends Revolve Around the Cloud
Dec 19 2014 Search Data Backup Backup 2014: Acquisitions, spinoffs and cloud-to-cloud emerge
Dec 17 2014 Enterprise Storage Forum Top Ten Data Storage Trends that Emerged in 2014
Dec 15 2014 Computer World Whistling past the graveyard != Data protection
Dec 5 2014 Search Data Backup Survey finds data protection problematic even in modern data centers
Dec 4 2014 Channel Partners IT Survey Results: Bare Metal Recovery 'Unreliable', 'Rife With Problems'
Dec 3 2014 Virtual Strategy Magazine No Longer Finding Backup and Disaster Recovery So Taxing - Interview with Tom Phillips, IT Director for K.E. Andrews
Dec 2 2014 MSP Mentor Zetta.net: Traditional BMR is Becoming 'Old-Fashioned'
Dec 2 2014 Talkin' Cloud Zetta.net: Traditional BMR Restore is Like 'IT Roulette'
Dec 2 2014 Beta News Real World Experiences of Bare Metal Recovery
Nov 18 2014 Storage Newsletter CryptoLocker Breach Prompts K.E. Andrews to Overhaul Backup Strategy
Nov 14 2014 APM Digest Cryptolocker Breach Prompts K.E. Andrews to Overhaul Backup Strategy With Zetta.net Cloud Backup
Nov 12 2014 Channel Web Cryptolocker Breach Prompts K.E. Andrews to Overhaul Backup Strategy With Zetta.net Cloud Backup
Oct 31 2014 Channel Web Appliance-based backup has had its day
Oct 27 2014 Data & Storage Asean Zetta dangles golden parachute to Backup Exec customers
Oct 20 2014 Virtualization Software Review: Zetta.net DataProtect – Enterprise-Grade Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery
Oct 17 2014 Tech Target Symantec halts Backup Exec appliance, vultures circle
Oct 17 2014 Channel Pro Network Zetta.net Offers Migration Program to Users of Discontinued Backup Exec Appliance
Oct 17 2014 Virtual Strategy Zetta.net Offers Migration Program to Users of Discontinued Backup Exec Appliance
Oct 15 2014 Government Security News Zetta.net offers migration program to users of discontinued backup exec appliance
Oct 14 2014 Enterprise Networking Planet Review: Zetta DataProtect Simplifies Enterprise Cloud Backup
Oct 03 2014 Disaster Recovery Journal A Planning Guide for Backup and Restore: From Every Day Casualties to Extreme Disasters
Sep 19 2014 Continuity Insights Scaling Backup Capacity the Easy Way
Sep 16 2014 Business Solution Systems Integrator's Choice Of Cloud Backup Solution Leads To Growing Recurring Revenue Stream
Sep 16 2014 Enterprise Storage Seven Tips for Disaster Recover in the Cloud
Sep 04 2014 Talkin' Cloud Zetta.net, ConnectWise Integrate Cloud BDR With PSA
Sep 02 2014 MSP Mentor ConnectWise, Zetta.net Integrate Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery with PSA
Aug 28 2014 Enterprise Storage Forum Top Ten Data Protection Tips
Aug 30 2014 Brandon Gaille 5 Iron Mountain Competitors Worth Looking Into
Aug 27 2014 ZD Net Zetta.net updates its cloud backup service for Windows
Aug 26 2014 Sotrage Switzerland Zetta No-Appliance Cloud Backup now supports Full Image Backup
Aug 21 2014 Business Week The Cookies You Can't Crumble
Aug 21 2014 Dataversity Cloud Data Protection
Aug 20 2014 Continuity Central First direct to cloud SaaS-based server image backup with built-in WAN acceleration
Aug 20 2014 Search Data Backup Zetta.net performs cloud backups without appliance
Aug 20 2014 MSP Today Zetta.net Launches DataProtect 4.5 Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
Aug 20 2014 Search Data Backup Zetta.net performs cloud backups without appliance
Aug 19 2014 Cloud Pro Zetta.net offers appliance-free server backup to the cloud
Aug 19 2014 Silicon Angle Zetta.net extends ultra-fast data protection to server images
Aug 19 2014 Storage Networking Solutions UK Cloud server image backup
Aug 19 2014 Storage Networking Solutions Europe Cloud server image backup
Aug 19 2014 Cloud Security International Cloud server image backup
Aug 18 2014 IT Enquirer Zetta.net launches first direct to cloud SaaS-based server image backup with built-in WAN acceleration
Aug 18 2014 Talkin' Cloud Zetta.net brings full server image backups to the cloud
Aug 18 2014 E Channel Line Zetta.net brings full server image backups to the cloud
Aug 18 2014 Computer Technology Review Zetta.net DataProtect 4.5 enhances SQL Backup, direct to cloud server image backup
Aug 18 2014 Channel Pro Network Zetta.net Launches Direct to Cloud SaaS-Based Server Image Backup with Built-in WAN Acceleration
Aug 18 2014 Channel Pro Network Zetta.net brings full server image backups to the cloud
Aug 18 2014 Channel Biz Zetta.Net Offers Appliance-Free SaaS Backup And Disaster Recovery
Aug 18 2014 Channel Partners Online Zetta.net Releases DataProtect 4.5
Aug 18 2014 Storage Newsletter Zetta.net Achieves 279% Customer Growth in 1H14
Aug 18 2014 Storage Bytes Now Zetta.net debuts SaaS-based server image backup
Aug 18 2014 Network World New products of the week 08.18.2014
Aug 18 2014 Wireless Week FirstNews Briefs: Nexmo, GuardiCore, Viper Networks, Zetta.net
Aug 18 2014 Info Stor Zetta.net Cloud Makes Way for Full Windows Server Backups
Aug 18 2014 IT Business Edge Zetta.net Extends Cloud Backup Reach to Images
Aug 18 2014 MSP Mentor Zetta.net Rolls Out Cloud-based Full Server Image Backup
July 31 2014 Tom's IT Pro Hybrid Cloud Backup: 2014 Vendors and Comparison Guide
July 22 2014 MSP Mentor Blogs We Didn't Write, V7.1, Week of July 22
July 11 2014 Virtualization Review 7 Backup Appliance Myths, Unclouded
May 29 2014 Legal Insider Legal IT's Leading News Resource
May 28 2014 Search Data Backup Law firm turns to Zetta.net DataProtect for convenience, fast restores
May 23 2014 Tom's IT Pro Enterprise Cloud Storage Vendor List
May 19 2014 Virtual Strategy Interview with Ali Jenab, CEO of Zetta.net
May 19 2014 Storage Newsletter Aero Law Group Reduces Offsite Server Backup From Hours to Minutes
Apr 30 2014 Brandon Gaille 5 Iron Mountain Competitors Worth Looking Into
Apr 11 2014 Cloud Computing Journal Why Companies Need Enterprise Cloud Backup
Apr 11 2014 Storage Newsletter Backup Exec.Cloud Customers Receive Three Months Free Service of Zetta.net
Apr 11 2014 MSP Mentor IDC: Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Market to Hit $2.5B by 2018
Apr 10 2014 MSP Mentor Grow Your MSP Business with Enterprise-grade Cloud Backup & DR
Apr 10 2014 Channelnomics Grow Your Axcient Giveaway Aims to Disrupt Symantec Backup Exec
Apr 08 2014 451 Research Zetta's software-only approach bucks the trend toward hybrid cloud backup appliances
Apr 07 2014 MSP Mentor Symantec, Wake Up: Zetta.net Wants to Steal Backup Exec Customers
Apr 02 2014 Digital Media Zetta.net Discusses Why Companies Need Enterprise Cloud Backup
Mar 10 2014 Business Software Zetta.net Discusses Why Companies Need Enterprise Cloud Backup
Feb 26 2014 MSP Mentor Zetta.net Cloud-based Backup and DR for MSPs
Feb 26 2014 Virtual Strategy Zetta.net's Art Ledbetter Recognized as CRN 2014 Channel Chief
Feb 22 2014 Sys-Con Media SHI Feeds SMBs' Appetite for Cloud Backup with Zetta.net
Feb 22 2014 Cloud Computing Journal SHI Feeds SMBs' Appetite for Cloud Backup with Zetta.net
Feb 19 2014 Storage Newsletter Zetta.net Customer Base Increases 130% in 2013
Feb 18 2014 Virtualization Review SHI Adds Zetta.net DataProtect to Its Cloud Offering
Feb 18 2014 Backup Review Zetta.net Named A Top 20 Coolest Cloud Vendor by CRN for Enterprise-Grade Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
Feb 18 2014 Virtualization Review SHI Adds Zetta.net DataProtect to Its Cloud Offering
Feb 18 2014 Slashdot A Primer on Data Backup for Small- to Medium-Sized Companies
Feb 11 2014 Backup Review Zetta.net's Customer Base Increases 130%, Number of Partners Grows by 310%
Jan 30 2014 Storage Newsletter SHI International Working With Zetta.net
Jan 21 2014 MSP News MSP News: SHI and Zetta.net Partner on Cloud
Jan 21 2014 Backup Review SHI Partners with Zetta.net to Expand Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Offering
Jan 21 2014 MSP Alliance SHI Announces Partnership With Zetta.net
Jan 09 2014 MSP Today MSP Raffa Using Zetta.net SaaS BDR Solution to Backup Customer Data
Jan 07 2014 Search Data Backup Financial firm coaxes more speed out of cloud backups with DataProtect
Dec 26 2013 MSP Today Zetta.net Tells MSPs Seven Things Not To Do
Dec 19 2013 Search IT Channel Attrition of Cloud Storage Providers Gives Channel A Wake-Up Call
Dec 19 2013 Backup Review Zetta.net Names 7 Managed Service Provider (MSP) Cloud Backup “Non-Predictions” for 2014
Dec 19 2013 Search Data Backup Data Backup 2013 News Dominated By Cloud and Modern Data Protection
Dec 17 2013 True Bit Zetta - Frequently Unasked Questions
Dec 15 2013 Washington Post Symantec Reassesses Cloud Strategy, Cuts One Backup Service
Dec 12 2013 Search Data Backup Backup Exec.cloud Customers Hunt For Data Protection Alternatives
Dec 11 2013 Business News Daily 5 Symantec Backup Exec.cloud Alternatives
Dec 11 2013 Channel Partners Online Another Cloud Service Shuts Down Symantec Rivals Pursue the Company's Backup Exec.cloud Partners & Users
Dec 10 2013 Continuity Central Companies Offer to Step in Following Backup Exec.cloud Announcement
Dec 06 2013 The Register Bring us your baffled Backup Exec biz bods, beg Axcient, Zetta
Dec 06 2013 Channelnomics Backup Rivals Swarm to Capture Abandoned Symantec Backup Exec.cloud Accounts
Dec 04 2013 Talkin Cloud So Long Symantec: Rivals Pitch Backup Exec.cloud Alternatives
Dec 03 2013 Tom's IT Pro Symantec Shutting Down Backup Exec.cloud Service
Dec 03 2013 The Whir Symantec to Discontinue Backup Exec.Cloud; Customers Presented with Next-Step Options
Dec 03 2013 Storage Bytes Now Symantec Shuts Down Backup Exec Cloud Service
Dec 02 2013 CRN Channel Web Symantec Withdraws From Cloud Backup
Dec 02 2013 Channelnomics Symantec Withdraws From Cloud Backup
Dec 02 2013 Channelnomics Symantec Withdraws from Cloud Backup
Dec 02 2013 Backup Review Zetta.net Announces Cloud Backup Migration for Symantec Backup Exec.Cloud Customers Affected by Surprise Shutdown
Nov 25 2013 ZD Net Kineto Wireless chose Zetta.net cloud backup. Here's why.
Oct 23 2013 Search Cloud Provider Specialty cloud storage providers die out; can backup and DR save them?
Oct 17 2013 Cloud Ave Why It’s OK To Say No to Backup Appliances
Oct 07 2013 Silicon Valley Business Journal Glenn Rawlinson - People on the Move
Oct 07 2013 Silicon Valley Business Journal Kevin Laughlin - People on the Move
Oct 01 2013 Financial Tech Spotlight Zetta.net appoints new CFO
Sep 16 2013 MSP Today Oilfield Equipment Manager Petroquip Energy Services LLC Lowers Server Backup Costs by 80% with Zetta.net Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
Sep 13 2013 Search Disaster Recovery Nonprofit Turns to Zetta.net to Replace Tape Backup
Aug 22 2013 The Enterprise Cloud Site The Trouble With Big-Data Backup
Jul 24 2013 Tech & Learning Special Supplement: ISTE 2013
Jul 23 2013 Geeks Broadway World Zetta.net MSP Backup Partner Mizon Achieves 100% Client Migration to 3-in-1 Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution Featuring 'No Heartburn' Backup
Jul 23 2013 MSP Mentor Zetta.net MSP Mizon Winning Massive Client Migrations to Cloud BDR
Jun 29 2013 TMC Net Zetta.net Notes Corporate Milestones
Jun 26 2013 Storage Bytes Now Zetta.net Nets New Funding, New Product
Jun 19 2013 SMB Nation Blog Zetta.net Announces Release of Updated DataProtect Solution
Jun 19 2013 Storage Newsletter Zetta.net Increases Total Financial Funding to $39.5 Million
Jun 19 2013 Tech Learning DataProtect 4.0 Cloud Backup Released
Jun 19 2013 Silicon Tap Zetta.net Lands $8M For Enterprise Cloud Storage
Jun 19 2013 MSP Today Zetta.net Rolls out DataProtect 4.0 Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery Solution
Jun 19 2013 Talkin Cloud Zetta.net Launches Zetta DataProtect 4.0, Secures Series B Funding
Jun 19 2013 ZD Net Zetta.net Speeds Up Cloud Backup Solution
Jun 19 2013 Continuity Central Business Continuity Briefs
Jun 18 2013 Venture Beat Following 243% growth, cloud backup startup Zetta.net grabs $8M
Jun 18 2013 Silicon Valley Business Journal Zetta.net Raises $8M to Boost Cloud Backup Service
Jun 18 2013 PE Hub Zetta.net Raises $8 Mln in Series B Funding
Jun 18 2013 Reuters Following 243 Percent Growth, Cloud-Backup Startup Zetta.net Grabs $8M
Jun 18 2013 Dow Jones Zetta.net Nabs $8M More for Cloud Storage
Jun 18 2013 Backup Review Zetta.net Releases DataProtect 4.0; Achieves 243% Customer Growth, and Closes Round B Funding
Jun 18 2013 Search Data Backup Zetta Improves DataProtect With WAN Optimization
Jun 18 2013 CNN Money Venture Capital Deals
Jun 18 2013 IT TNA Zetta.net Doubles Cloud Backup and Recovery Performance
Jun 18 2013 Storage Review Zetta.net DataProtect 4.0 Availability Announced
Jun 17 2013 Network World Zetta Awarded Product of the Week 6.17.13
Jun 03 2013 Ulitzer Zetta.net Wins Red Herring Top 100 North America Award
May 30 2013 Search Data Backup Cloud Backups Shine For Lighting Company
May 29 2013 Search Data Backup Zetta.net to Host Webinar on Exchange Backup and Disaster Recovery
May 16 2013 Info Tech Westinghouse Lighting Switches to Zetta.net for Data Backup
May 10 2013 Channelpro SMB Zetta.net Introduces New MSP Marketing Enablement and Lead Generation
May 03 2013 Channelpro SMB MSP Management Console Now Available for Zetta DataProtect
May 02 2013 Storage Newsletter Zetta Releases Multi-Tenant MSP Management Console for DataProtect
May 01 2013 IT Business Net Zetta.net Backup and Recovery Chosen by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand 100 Winner
Apr 29 2013 Channel Insider Zetta.net's Console Manages Disaster Recovery via the Cloud
Apr 27 2013 Virtual Strategy Zetta.net Introduces New MSP Marketing Enablement and Lead Generation Program to Accelerate Partner Success
Apr 26 2013 MSP Today Zetta.net Unzips New MSP Console and Marketing Program
Apr 26 2013 The WHIR Zetta.net Launches Multi-Tenant MSP Management Console
Apr 25 2013 DMN Forums Zetta.net Introduces New MSP Marketing Enablement and Lead Generation Program
Apr 25 2013 MSP Mentor Zetta.net Launches Management Console and Marketing Program for MSPs
Apr 25 2013 Host Review Zetta.net Launches Advanced Multi-Tenant MSP Management Console For 3-in-1 Hybrid Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery As A Service
Apr 24 2013 MSP News Zetta.net Enhances Program for Managed Services Firms
Apr 24 2013 SMB Nation Zetta.net Announces New Lead Generation Program and Management Console for MSPs
Apr 23 2013 MSP Alliance Zetta.net Enhances Program for Managed Services Firms
Apr 10 2013 Host Review NetApp Backup: Amazon Web Services Vs. Zetta DataProtect
Apr 10 2013 Sys-Con Media Affordable Server Backup and Recovery: Local, Offsite and Remote
Apr 10 2013 Sys-Con Media NetApp Backup: Amazon Web Services vs. Zetta DataProtect
Mar 19 2013 Host Review NetApp Backup: NDMP Vs. Cloud
Feb 27 2013 Syscon Media Reducing Windows Server Backup Costs
Feb 25 2013 Market Watch Five best practices for developing a successful cloud partner program
Feb 15 2013 SMBNation Zetta.net Announces General Availability of DataProtect Solution for NetApp
Feb 12 2013 MSP Today Zetta DataProtect for NetApp Now Available, Provides SaaS Solution for Cloud Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery
Feb 12 2013 Database Trends & Applications Zetta.net DataProtect for NetApp Offers Cloud-Based Backup
Feb 12 2013 Talkin' Cloud Zetta.net Enables Backup, DR for NetApp Environments
Feb 12 2013 Storage Review Zetta.Net DataProtect for NetApp Announced
Feb 11 2013 MSP Today Zetta.net Delivers First SaaS Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery for NetApp Filers
Feb 11 2013 Computer Technology Review Zetta.net Delivers First SaaS Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery for NetApp Filers
Feb 11 2013 Geeks World Zetta.net offers SaaS offsite backup and disaster recovery for NetApp filers
Feb 11 2013 IT-TNA Zettanet Enhances Cloud-Based NetApp BDR For The Enterprise
Jan 28 2013 MSP Mentor Will 2013 Mark the Year When SMB's Jump on Online Backup?
Jan 17 2013 Storage Switzerland A Real World TCO For Cloud Backup
Jan 04 2013 VMBlog.com Online Backup and Recovery Predictions for 2013
Dec 12 2012 Equities Zetta.net Brings Cloud-Based Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery for NetApp Environments to the Channel
Dec 12 2012 Search Storage Channel Zetta offers DataProtect cloud backup for NetApp through the channel
Dec 12 2012 Channel Vision Magazine Zetta.net Launches Cloud Storage Backup Exclusively Through Channel
Dec 07 2012 Channel Nomics Zetta Targets NetApp With Cloud Backup
Dec 06 2012 MSP Alliance Zetta.net rolls out DataProtect for NetApp
Dec 06 2012 Boston Zetta.net brings cloud-based offsite backup and disaster recovery for NetApp environments to the channel
Dec 06 2012 Channel Partners Zetta.net offers NetApp backup via channel only
Nov 30 2012 Enterprise Storage Forum Disaster Recovery: IT Pros Handle Hurricane Sandy
Nov 28 2012 Tech Republic Cloud backup and disaster recovery: The Zetta approach
Nov 07 2012 SMB Nation Zetta.net to Offer Affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery to Schools
Nov 06 2012 Campus Technology Zetta.net Launches Cloud Backup for Colleges and Universities
Nov 01 2012 Taneja Group Zetta's Fresh New Approach to Tired Old Backup and Recovery
Oct 23 2012 Storage Newsletter Zetta.net's Smart Cloud Abolishes Need for Local Appliance
Oct 23 2012 SMB Nation Zetta.net Introduces Online Backup Solution Based on Smart Cloud Technology
Oct 23 2012 Channel Partners Appliance-Free Hybrid Cloud Backup Unveiled
Oct 22 2012 Storage Bytes Now ZETTA.NET rolls out hybrid cloud software
Oct 22 2012 Business Solutions Zetta.net Redefines Hybrid Cloud Backup With Smart Cloud And New Lean Local Copy To Deliver Instant, Appliance-Free Data Backup And Recovery
Oct 22 2012 Backup Review Zetta.net Redefines Hybrid Cloud Backup with Smart Cloud New Lean Local Copy to Deliver Instant, Appliance-Free Data Backup and Recovery
Oct 22 2012 Storage Review Zetta.net Smart Cloud and Lean Local Copy Announced; Appliance-Free Approach to Hybrid Cloud Backup
Oct 22 2012 CRN Zetta Adds Smart Cloud, Lean Local Copy To DataProtect Cloud Storage Software
Oct 16 2012 SearchDataBackup Zetta adds local option for hybrid cloud backups, DR
Oct 09 2012 Continuity Central Choosing a Data Disaster Recovery Strategy
Oct 03 2012 The Journal Cloud Storage in the Real World
Sep 21 2012 Search Storage Channel Cloud backup provider Zetta.net lowers barriers to entry
Sep 18 2012 MSP Alliance Zetta Enhances Partner Program for MSPs
Sep 18 2012 Channel Nomics Zetta.net Delivers Unified BDR MSP Program
Sep 12 2012 Search CIO Cloud-based storage, replete with pros and cons, gaining traction
Aug 08 2012 Continuity Insights Zetta.net Achieves Cloud Storage Advantages With WebDav
Jul 31 2012 Disaster Recovery Journal Disaster Recovery: You Can Afford It
Jul 31 2012 Search Storage Channel Low-investment cloud backup solutions for VARs: The sales-only model
Jul 12 2012 Storage Newsletter Town of Dedham, MA Expands Use of Zetta
Jul 09 2012 Search Health IT Channel cultivates multiple roles in health care cloud storage
Jun 14 2012 Storage Switzerland Does Cloud Backup Need An Appliance?
May 25 2012 Storage Newsletter Jill Cooper VP Sales, Zetta.net
May 14 2012 Government Computer News Mother Nature chases Mass. town into the cloud
May 8 2012 Sys-Con Media Implement a Practical Web-based DR Strategy
Apr 18 2012 Storage Switzerland Getting Just As Much Cloud As You Need
Apr 11 2012 InfoStor 6 Great Cloud and Online Backup Solutions
Mar 29 2012 eWeek Zetta Announces Appliance-less Online Backup and Recovery Service
Mar 29 2012 Network Computing Zetta.net Refreshes DataProtect, Its Cloud Backup and Recovery Service
Mar 27 2012 Enterprise Systems Zetta DataProtect 3.0 Provides Enterprise-Grade Online Backup, Disaster Recovery for SMBs
Mar 27 2012 Backup Review Zetta DataProtect 3.0 Delivers Enterprise-Grade Online Backup and Disaster Recovery for Small and Medium Size Enterprises
Mar 27 2012 Information Week Zetta Launches SMB Cloud Storage Platform
Mar 26 2012 Info Stor Zetta.net Upgrades Cloud Backup Platform
Dec 15 2011 Backup Review Zetta, Cloud-based Backup and Data Protection Service Provider, Wins Red Herring Global Top 100 Award
Oct 30 2011 ServerWatch 10 Enterprise Cloud Storage Options
Oct 18 2011 Storage Newsletter Gary Sevounts VP Marketing, Zetta; Joining from Panda Security, Symantec, HP and Quarterdeck
Oct 18 2011 San Jose Business Journal Zetta hires Gary Sevounts as VP, marketing
Oct 17 2011 Backup Review Cloud, Security, and Data Protection Veteran, Gary Sevounts, Joins Zetta's Executive Team
Oct 17 2011 Web Host Industry Review Cloud Backup Firm Zetta Names Vice President of Marketing
Oct 13 2011 Storage Newsletter Town of Dedham Adopts Zetta Online Backup; To keep data safe on another site in case of natural disaster
Oct 3 2011 TMCnet infoTech Cloud Storage Company Zetta Helps Town of Dedham IT Department Sleep at Night
Sep 29 2011 Information Management Town Looks To Cloud For Data Protection; Dedham, Mass., using Zetta Data Protect, a cloud-based offsite data protection offering from Zetta, to keep data safe in the event of a natural disaster
Sep 29 2011 Computer Technology Review Zetta Cloud Backup improves data safety for Town of Dedham's IT department
Sep 28 2011 TMCnet Zetta Ensures Data Safety at Town of Dedham IT Department
Sep 16 2011 Storage Switzerland Zetta Mirror Simplifies Data Protection in the Cloud
Sep 15 2011 DealIpedia 12 deals ($22.7 mm+) NetSol, SynerGene, Zetta, Coinflation, Bandsintown
Sep 14 2011 Backup Review Zetta, Enterprise Cloud Storage Provider, Raises $9 Million in New Round of Funding
Sep 14 2011 VatorNews Zetta gets $9M infusion for cloud storage solution; The company is backed by Sigma Partners and Foundation Capital
Sep 14 2011 Storage Switzerland The ExecEvent Goes Cloud and Virtual
Sep 14 2011 Cloud Computing Journal Cloud Computing: Zetta Raises Another $9 Million; This third round brings total investment to $31.5 million
Sep 14 2011 Xconomy Wednesday Deals Roundup: Red Robot, Zetta, Apsalar, Xignite
Sep 14 2011 New York Times Zetta Raises $9M More for Enterprise Cloud Storage
Sep 14 2011 San Jose Business Journal Zetta gets $9M for enterprise cloud storage
Sep 14 2011 peHUB Zetta Seals $9M For Enterprise Cloud Storage
Sep 14 2011 All Things D Cloud Storage Start-Up Zetta Lands $9 Million Funding Round
Sep 13 2011 silicontap Zetta Loads Up With $9M More
Sep 13 2011 Giga Om Zetta raises $9M more for enterprise cloud storage
Sep 13 2011 Storage Newsletter Zetta Raises $9 Million; Bringing total funding to $31.5 million
Sep 2 2011 Storage Newsletter 4TB Backed in Cloud by Skender Construction; With Zetta Data Protect
Aug 30 2011 Sys-Con Construction Company Makes Zetta Data Protect Its Home in the Clouds
Aug 26 2011 SearchStorage Zetta cloud protects construction firm
Aug 24 2011 Reuters Construction Company Makes Zetta Data Protect Its Home in the Clouds; Skender Construction Finds the Reliability, Ease of Use and Cost Savings of the Zetta Cloud Storage Service
Jul 11 2011 Fortune Don't call it the next tech bubble - yet
Jun 27 2011 AICPA Don't Let Service Providers Rain on Your Cloud; Experts weigh in on data security, contracts and efficiencies
Jun 27 2011 TMC Net Zetta Discusses Data Protection at Cloud Expo NY 2011
Jun 17 2011 StreetInsider.com Zetta Wins Red Herring Top 100 North America Award
Jun 16 2011 Network World Gartner: The pros and cons of storage as a service; Cloud-based storage services can save money but bandwidth limitations, latencies can hurt
Jun 13 2011 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta Data Protect Transport Deduplication Improves Sync Efficiency; Zetta Data Protect immediately and securely replicates and protects data offsite
Jun 13 2011 IT Business Edge Dedupe and the Cloud: Is There a Problem Here?
Jun 8 2011 Enterprise Storage Forum Zetta Data Protect Available for Popular Linux Environments
Jun 7 2011 Storage Bytes Now Zetta intros product for Linux
Jun 6 2011 Computer Technology Review Zetta debuts Zetta Data Protect for Linux, upgrades ZettaMirror software
Apr 26 2011 Computerworld What happens to data when cloud providers evaporate?
Apr 25 2011 Network World Cloud storage device maker Cirtas stumbles
Apr 22 2011 Enterprise Storage Forum 10 Hot SSD Implementations
Apr 18 2011 Silicon Angle Cloud Storage: Separating the Contenders from the Pretenders
Apr 13 2011 Cloud Computing Newswire Iron Mountain to Exit Commodity Cloud Storage; Evidently Iron Mountain can't compete against Amazon, Mozy, Google, Carbonite, CommVault et al
Apr 11 2011 Tech Target Cloud evaporates over Iron Mountain
Apr 11 2011 Computerworld Report: Iron Mountain to shutter cloud storage service; After only two years, Iron Mountain said it will close its public cloud storage service due in part to profitability pressures.
Apr 11 2011 The Register Bruised Iron Mountain gives up on storage cloud
Apr 4 2011 SearchStorage The cloud played a prominent role in product releases at Storage Networking World (SNW) Spring 2011 today
Apr 1 2011 Cloud Computing Journal Cloud Expo 2011 New York: Questions to Ask a Cloud Service Provider; Zetta VP Chris Schin to discuss how to implement cloud services for portions of your enterprise IT needs
Mar 30 2011 Silicon Angle Zetta Reflects the Cloud with ZettaMirror 2.0
Mar 29 2011 CRN Zetta named by CRN as one of top 20 cloud storage vendors of 2011
Mar 21 2011 Computer Technology Review No More Backup: An Easier, More Cost-Effective Path to Protecting Unstructured Data
Mar 21 2011 Computerworld Cloud storage a steep climb; Companies in various vertical industries are taking tentative steps toward the savings, and risks, of the cloud
Mar 15 2011 SearchStorage Cloud file storage pros and cons
Feb 18 2011 SearchStorage Storage cloud reduces costs for advertising firm's content delivery
Feb 9 2011 Absolutely Windows I've got my eyes on you in 2011: Zetta, Inc.
Jan 31 2011 Storage Newsletter Backup and Archive Top Applications Planned for the Cloud
Jan 25 2011 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta to Exhibit at Cloud Expo 2011 New York; Zetta delivers immediate, offsite data protection for enterprise data
Jan 20 2011 Sys-Con Cloud Computing: An Intro to Cloud Storage for Business; A few reasons cloud storage is a must-have tool for all businesses today
Jan 20 2011 Small Business Computing 7 Small Business Storage Trends in 2011
Jan 13 2011 SOAWorld Magazine An Open Source-Based Cloud Data Storage and Processing Solution; Why is an on-demand storage solution required?
Jan 11 2011 Marketwire Aberdeen Releases New Research on How Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Are Gaining Disaster Recovery Advantages Using Cloud Storage; Research Finds Strong Correlation Between the Use of Public Cloud Storage and Faster Recovery Times From an IT-Related DR Event
Jan 2 2011 IT Toolbox.com Technologies to Watch in 2011
Dec 15 2010 PEHUB VCs Have Gone to the Cloud in 2010
Dec 2 2010 TMC Net Zetta Streamlines Cloud Storage for All Customers
Dec 2 2010 Sys-Con Media Zetta to Demonstrate Cloud-Based Data Protection Solutions at Gartner Data Center Conference
Nov 30 2010 VMBlog.com Zetta: 2011 — Cloud Storage Adoption Driven By Solutions
Nov 30 2010 EzineMark.com Introduction to Cloud Storage Providers
Nov 25 2010 GigaOm Why Cloud Computing Sells and NoSQL Is Fading
Nov 12 2010 Reuters Zetta brings in $11.5M for enterprise cloud storage
Nov 12 2010 VentureBeat VCs investing in cloud "data explosion"
Nov 10 2010 New York Times Cloud Storage: Two Days, Three Startups, $30 Million
Nov 9 2010 Silicon Valley Wire Sunnyvale-Based Zetta Lands $11.5 Million in Second Round
Nov 9 2010 San Jose Business Journal Storage startup Zetta raises $11.5M
Nov 9 2010 Storage Newsletter Zetta Raises $11.5 Million
Nov 9 2010 Xconomy Zetta Receives $11,500,000 Series B Financing
Nov 8 2010 SiliconAngle Zetta's $11.5M Round to Rework your Cloud
Nov 8 2010 VentureBeat Cloud Storage Company Zetta Scores Funding
Nov 8 2010 PEHUB Cloud Storage Company Zetta Scores Funding
Nov 8 2010 TechCrunchIT Enterprise Cloud Storage Startup Zetta Nabs $11.5 Million
Oct 25 2010 TMC Net Zetta Taps Ali Jenab as New CEO
Oct 21 2010 New York Times Cloud Storage and Backup: Will Consumer Tools Work for Business?
Oct 19 2010 Business Journal Cloud company Zetta names CEO
Oct 18 2010 Enterprise Storage Forum Top 10 Ways to Trim Storage Costs
Sep 7 2010 SearchStorageChannel Alternatives for VARs that feel unloved by their current storage vendors
Sep 3 2010 InfoStor VMworld and the Storage Industry's Perfect Storm
Sep 1 2010 CTOEdge Zetta Obsoletes Traditional Backup and Recovery
Sep 1 2010 Sys-Con Media VMworld 2010 News: Zetta Announces On-Demand Data Protection Solution that Obsoletes Traditional Backup; New Offsite Data Protection Services Offered at a Fraction of the Cost of Comparable Offsite Data Storage Solutions
Sep 1 2010 Storage Newsletter Zetta Data Protect (Starting at $256/TB/Month); An offsite data protection service also including replication
Aug 31 2010 Computer Technology Review Zetta unveils Zetta Data protect, an on-demand data protection solution
Aug 31 2010 Virtual Strategy Magazine VSM interviews Chris Schin, VP Products, Zetta Storm
Aug 31 2010 Cloud Ave Zetta Wants You To Forget Using Traditional Backup Solutions
Aug 30 2010 Enterprise Storage Forum VMworld: Zetta Unveils Cloud Data Protection Service
Aug 30 2010 CRN Hot Management, Data Protection Products At VMworld
Aug 30 2010 SearchDataBackup Virtual machine backup plays prominent role at VMworld 2010
Aug 30 2010 VMworld Blog Zetta Launches On-Demand Data Protection Solution that Obsoletes Traditional Backups
Aug 30 2010 InfoTech Spotlight Zetta Launches On-Demand Data Protection Solution that Obsoletes Traditional Backups
Aug 30 2010 Insurance Technology Zetta Launches On-Demand Data Protection Solution that Obsoletes Traditional Backups
Jul 28 2010 Storage Newsletter One-Step Replication for Cloud-Based DR by Zetta For users of its On-Demand Enterprise Storage
Jul 27 2010 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta to Exhibit at Cloud Expo Silicon Valley; Zetta solutions make businesses more productive
Jul 22 2010 IT Web Zetta intros cloud-based DR
Jul 21 2010 Storage Soup Zetta counts on replication driving cloud adoption
Jul 21 2010 Computer Technology Review Zetta announces one-step replication for cloud-based disaster recovery
Jul 14 2010 eWeek 17 Promising Storage Companies Flying Under the Radar
Jul 9 2010 ebizq Trusting the Cloud with your Primary Data
Jul 9 2010 searchstorage.com Zetta hires sales VP
Jul 8 2010 Storage Newsletter Dave Ferretti VP of WW Sales, Zetta
Jul 7 2010 euroinvestor Zetta Appoints Vice President of Sales
Jun 25 2010 Enterprise Storage Forum Top 10 Data Storage Startups
Jun 25 2010 Cloud Computing Journal Now for the Fun Part of the Cloud: The Money; Zuora will be able to meter, price and bill for the apps and services
Jun 23 2010 Sys-Con Media Zuora Announces the First On-demand Commerce Solution for Cloud; Z-Commerce for the Cloud Delivers Essential Support for Rapidly Enabling Cloud Business Models
Jun 11 2010 Sys-Con Media Top 250 Players in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem
Jun 8 2010 eWeek Continuity in the Cloud
May 31 2010 Sys-Con Media What's Driving CIOs Toward the Cloud? Exclusive Q&A with Zetta's Jeff Bell
May 25 2010 Enterprise Systems Q&A: Securing Storage in the Cloud. Moving your data to the cloud is not without risk. Here's what you need to know about securing your data.
May 25 2010 BusinessWire Zetta Chooses Equinix To Support Launch Of On-Demand Enterprise Storage Solutions
May 17 2010 Cloud Computing Journal The Top 250 Players in Cloud Computing
May 10 2010 Virtualization Journal A Shift Toward Cloud Adoption
Apr 25 2010 Channel Insider Enterprise Cloud Network Attached Storage Provider Expands
Apr 22 2010 Cloud Computing Journal Cloud Expo Exhibitor Zetta Expands Storage Facilities to East Coast; New data center in New York area to complement existing west coast data centers
Apr 20 2010 InfoTech TMCnet Zetta Expands Primary Storage Facilities to the East Coast
Apr 19 2010 SearchDataBackup.com Cloud archiving: Choosing the best cloud service provider
Apr 1 2010 Cloud Computing Journal The Case for Storage Success with Cloud Computing — Zetta's Chris Schin to Present at Cloud Expo in New York
Mar 18 2010 Network Products Guide Zetta wins 2010 Hot Technologies and Solutions Award
Mar 5 2010 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta VP to Present at Cloud Expo East; Chris Schin to discuss cloud storage use cases – what is working, what isn't
Mar 3 2010 Fire Alarm Marketing Cloud Computing, a Vendor Survey
Mar 1 2010 Network Products Guide Zetta wins 2010 Product Innovation award for storage
Feb 24 2010 CMSWire 2010 CODiE Award Finalists Include Bridgeline, CrownPeak for Best CMS
Feb 16 2010 The Register EMC adds awesome to Atmos; Bigger drives, faster cores, and better protection
Feb 11 2010 Cloud Computing Journal Post Holiday IT Shopping Bargains, Dell Buying Exanet?
Feb 10 2010 Silicon Angle Breaking News: Juniper Network Throws Down Big “Judo” Move On Cisco and Opens Up to be “The Google of Networking”
Jan 29 2010 ChannelWeb 20 Coolest Cloud Storage Vendors
Jan 21 2010 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta to Exhibit at Largest Cloud Computing Event of the Year; Zetta delivers enterprise cloud storage on demand
Jan 20 2010 SearchStorage.com Cloud storage pricing revealed: Hidden costs include data migration and access fees
Jan 19 2010 Network Computing The Cloud As Primary Storage
Jan 8 2010 SearchStorage.com Cloud storage: Not everyone thinks the future is bright for clouds
Jan 4 2010 NetworkWorld 10 start-ups to watch in 2010 (article) — Tackling pressing problems related to virtualization, the cloud, smartphones, network management, security and power and cooling
Dec 21 2009 VMblog Cloud Storage Evolution – 2009 Trends Portend Strong 2010
Nov 24 2009 Computer Technology Review A New RAID for Cloud-Scale Data Integrity
Oct 25 2009 The SANMan Zetta wants to make the cloud better
Oct 23 2009 SearchCloudComputing Zetta trying to break cloud storage stereotypes
Oct 23 2009 Cloud Computing Journal Start-up Claims Better-than-On-Premises Cloud Storage — Zetta wants the enterprise to entrust its data to their storage cloud as its primary storage solution
Oct 22 2009 InfoStor Zetta delivers NAS-based cloud service
Oct 22 2009 Cloud Computing Journal Enterprises Adopt Primary Storage in the Cloud with Zetta — Cloud Storage service provider Zetta, Inc announces the commercial availability of its enterprise-class on-demand NAS
Oct 21 2009 MSPmentor Zetta cloud storage goes live
Oct 21 2009 SearchStorage.com Cloud storage provider Zetta looks to replace production network-attached storage
Oct 21 2009 ars technica Zetta's new cloud service: like a NAS, but for a whole city
Oct 21 2009 Computerworld Zetta opens its storage cloud to all
Oct 21 2009 CIOL Zetta launches storage cloud — Enterprises adopt primary storage in the cloud with Zetta
Oct 21 2009 TECHWORLD Zetta rivals Amazon with storage cloud service
Oct 20 2009 The Cloud Computing Show Cloud Computing Show #18 hosted by Gary Orenstein with guests Zetta co-founders Jeff Whitehead, VP Technical Operations and CTO and Lou Montulli, VP Engineering
Oct 12 2009 Cloud Computing Journal Building and Managing a Multi-petabyte Storage System; Jeff Whitehead to discuss expanding storage footprints at Cloud Computing Expo
Sep 11 2009 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta to Exhibit at Cloud Computing Conference & Expo — Bringing the Economics of the Web to Enterprise IT Through Cloud Computing
Sep 3 2009 Cloud Computing Journal Co-Founder of Zetta to Speak at 4th Cloud Computing Expo — Jeff Treuhaft will explore the requirements for and advantages of Hosting Primary Data in the Cloud
Aug 28 2009 Cloud Computing Journal Zetta Wrestles, Claims To Pin Down the Data Demon
Aug 25 2009 internet.com 85 Cloud Computing Vendors Shaping the Emerging Cloud
Aug 10 2009 Network World Nine data storage companies to watch
Jul 31 2009 Bits of Matter Zetta does not see commoditization Of Cloud Storage
Jul 13 2009 Network World Cash in the Cloud: The pay-as-you-use scheme helps users budget their storage dollars
Jul 13 2009 Computerworld Cloud storage triggers security worries: IT managers are charmed by the concept but fear giving up control of data. Here's why.
Jul 10 2009 SiliconTap.com Zetta Names Sales Head
Jul 5 2009 GigaOm With Commercialization of the Cloud, It's Déjà vu
May 7 2009 NETWORKComputing Zetta Addresses Business Storage Needs — Startup promises three-year TCO advantage of three to four times that of on-premises storage
Apr 24 2009 Under The Radar Zetta Presents at Under the Radar 2009
Apr 21 2009 CNN.Money 10 steps to catch VC cash — interview with Zetta CEO Jeff Treuhaft
Apr 10 2009 ReadWriteWeb Zetta Offers Enterprise Cloud Storage to the Mid-market
Apr 8 2009 DCIG Emerging Storage Players Merit Consideration on Overall Quiet Kickoff to SNW Day 1
Apr 7 2009 IT Business Edge Zetta Launches Enterprise Cloud Storage
Apr 6 2009 Network World Netscape alums tackle cloud storage
Apr 6 2009 Computerworld Zetta offers cloud storage for the enterprise
Apr 6 2009 The Register Keeping up with the Zetta Joneses. Store primary data in Zetta's cloud
Apr 6 2009 Enterprise Storage Forum Zetta Moves Primary Storage to the Cloud
Apr 6 2009 NETWORKComputing Zetta Launches Cloud Storage for Primary Data
Apr 6 2009 TechWorld New cloud vendor enters the fray
Apr 6 2009 CIOL Zetta intros Enterprise Cloud Storage, Changes the Game for Enterprise IT Storage buyers
Apr 6 2009 SearchStorage.com Primary storage data reduction takes center stage at SNW; Zetta unveils cloud-based primary storage service.
Apr 6 2009 InfoStor Zetta launches cloud storage service
Apr 6 2009 Help Net Security New enterprise-grade cloud storage
Apr 6 2009 The VAR Guy Zetta: A Betta Cloud Storage Service?

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