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Non-profits face the same backup and recovery challenges as companies, but have to overcome them with smaller budgets. Whether your organization has limited funding, or is large enough to have locations around the country – 3-in-1 online backup, archiving, and disaster recovery is inherently value oriented, offering functionality and performance for 50% less than the cost of separate solutions or in-house replication. Over 800 small, medium, and enterprise businesses are using Zetta to back up over 10,000,000,000 files monthly with 99.99995% reliability and 100% recovery reliability.'s 3-in-1 online backup solution helps technology companies signifigantly cut backup costs, add functionality — like archiving and disaster recovery — and simplify and automate backups.

Customer Quotes

With Zetta, we could eliminate the disk-to-disk step and go directly to the cloud.”
— Jim Beidle, Technology Manager, Volunteers of America
We've now got the online backup I'd been hoping for – one that's responsive, affordable, flexible, and secure for our restore, archive and disaster recovery needs.”
— Andy Abadia, TEECOM

Featured Case Study

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Application: Offsite Backup, Disaster Recovery Challenge: Implement offsite backup and disaster recovery at 15 remote office sites Volunteers of America Western Washington is a non-profit organization with multiple offices in the Puget Sound area. They receive over 350,000 calls for help per year and serve four primary groups: children at risk, individuals and families in crisis, individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities and seniors seeking support to remain longer in their primary residences. Zetta Solution: Volunteers of America Western Washington is now backing up their remote sites as well as the main site to a Zetta volume. And there's no need to aggregate the remote office backup to their main site, cutting down on VPN traffic back to the main site. Zetta’s disaster recovery capabilities were successfully tested after a complete server failure event at the main site, when a new Windows server was reloaded with the data from the Zetta copy. Zetta features that were significant to this solution include:
Easy deployment to distributed remote offices Replicates in native file system format allowing instant access and recovery Ability to replicate to multiple geographically-diverse data centers
Zetta’s growing customer base includes businesses from all over the United States:

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