ROI Calculator: Backup & Disaster Recovery

Analyze backups costs in your environment, compare different options, and discover how
you can reduce your backup costs by up to 60%.

Using this offsite backup calculator to analyze backup costs based on your IT environment will allow you to compare the cost of different options to find the approach that makes the most financial sense for your business.


There are a few different approaches your business can take when choosing your offsite server backup solution: hybrid-cloud backup, disk-to-tape (D2T), and disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T).


Hybrid-cloud backup safely sends and stores data to a local backup and a cloud backup while archiving files for disaster recovery. It requires less space and hardware while offering an affordable solution.


Disk-to-tape backup requires manual transfer of data onto tapes which then need to be transported to a data storage center. This option requires more shelf space and tape hardware which can be pricey as data grows.


Disk-to-disk-to-tape is the most expensive of all three options because it requires the transfer of data to a separate disk to be stored in-house as well as a tape to be stored offsite. This option requires the most IT staff time, shelf space, and hardware.


Case Study: 20 servers, 2TB of data, 30% annual growth, 0.2% daily change


Annual Cost:
3-in-1 Backup, Disaster
Recovery, Archiving
IT Staff Time $577
Includes: Software licenses for
unlimited number of
APIs and support (SQL,
Exchange, VMWare, Files)
500GB of secure online
24x7 US-based support


Annual Cost:
Backup Software $30,983
Data Center Space $3,600
Tape Hardware,
Support & Media
Tape Offsiting $5,226
IT Staff Time $9,255


Annual Cost:
Backup Software $30,983
Data Center Space $9,600
Tape Hardware,
Support & Media
Tape Offsiting $5,226
Disk Hardware $3,771
2nd Disk Array $4,148
IT Staff Time $11,058
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