Online Data Archiving Solutions

The Challenge:

Approximately 60% of a company's unstructured data files are inactive, meaning they've not been accessed in over 90 days.

But this data still needs to be retained and readily accessible if needed.

IT has to decide between using primary storage for these files, which is expensive but provides fast access, or committing archive data to tape, which reduces costs but makes the data less accessible.

Use Cases for Zetta's online data archive solution:
Tape Colocation / Replication
Log & System File Retention
Image/Document Archiving
Migrating Off Legacy Archive
Instant Recovery
Security / Compliance
More technical details
Security and Performance
Zetta's Online Data Archiving Benefits

The Backup and Recovery Solution provides a secure, cost-effective repository for active archive data. Using Zetta as an online archive delivers unique value:

Instant, Scalable Capacity – With Zetta you get instant access to virtually
    unlimited capacity. Buy what you need and pay as you grow. Zetta eliminates the
    time and cost associated with capacity planning, provisioning, and storage

No Programming Required – Unlike typical online data archive and cloud storage solutions, with Zetta no
    integration is required to access data. Instead users and applications access data via standard protocols including
    SSH, FTP and WebDAV.

Easy Data Migration – With ZettaMirror, movement of data into the Zetta Storage Service is a snap. Simply install
    the ZettaMirror agent on your servers and select the folders that should be archived. ZettaMirror will replicate the
    information onto your Zetta Virtual Volume and optionally keep the data synchronized. Once the data is moved to
    Zetta, it can be removed from the local environment, if desired.

Eliminate Backup Cost, Complexity, and Risk – Zetta combines advanced RAID6 N+3 technology with
    automatic replication of data across geographically dispersed data centers, so your data is protected and you don't
    need to backup archived data.

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