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Build a more profitable program with Zetta

Zetta is the only enterprise-grade solution optimized to backup and recover large amounts of data quickly and securely over the Internet—up to 5TB in 24 hours, with no appliance required. By partnering with Zetta, you benefit from having no cost of entry, less overhead and a highly reliable solution to build a more profitable cloud backup and disaster recovery service offering.
Capture Recurring
Build recurring revenue by
adding an enterprise-grade
cloud and local backup and DR
that requires no appliance.
Generate Higher
Generate higher margins with
no start up costs and less
overhead of managing customer
backup environments.
Build Profitable
Get the best price per-gigabyte
for an enterprise-class cloud
backup and DR that is easy to
deploy and manage.

MSP and VAR Benefits

WAN Optimized Performance

Offer cloud & local backup, archiving, and disaster recovery that has enterprise-grade performance, security, and reliability Target more and bigger customers with WAN optimized performance--up to 5TB in 24 hours Retain customers with 99.99996% backup reliability and 100% recovery reliability


No appliance required makes it easy to deploy and manage customer backup environments quickly Sets up in minutes, performs daily automatic snapshots, and can be remotely managed from anywhere with a Web-based management portal and Connectwise integration Flexible data recovery options–Zetta.net's recovery software, a Web-based browser or a mounted drive

Affordable Solution

Simple pricing model includes unlimited number of servers, application & OS plug-ins, secure cloud storage, and 24/7 U.S.-based support Deliver end-to-end security with encryption in flight and at rest in SSAE-16 audited data centers Get dedicated pre- and post sales, marketing & technical support
White Label Your name, our Enterprise-grade
Cloud Backup & DR Solution
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"We were able to restore all the files back from Zetta within 24 hours." – MSP Partner Raffa
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