Offsite Server Backup

Protect the Most Critical Part of Your Business with Offsite Server Backup

SQL, Linux Exchange and other servers form the backbone of the business IT world, and it’s vital to ensure your servers are protected in the event of a disaster. You need backup that can consistently finish on schedule, and that can keep all your data safe regardless of what kind of server it lives on.

With Zetta, you can relax knowing your server backups are completing on time and error-free, and that all your critical data is offsite and ready to recover from the cloud.

Why Back Up Servers to the Zetta Cloud?


Cloud is infinitely, seamlessly scalable.


Always-on access to critical data, from anywhere.


Easy to manage, easy to automate, practically effortless to administrate.

Never Miss a Backup Window

Unreliable, unrecoverable backups are useless when you need them – and so are backups that leave you vulnerable when they can’t protect all your data on time. Zetta gives you server backup you can count on to finish on time, every time, with your data intact and ready to recover.


Specifically architected as a cloud-first business backup solution, Zetta Data Protection is designed to back up critical data quickly enough to meet your backup windows. The Zetta service uses patented technology and a range of WAN optimization techniques to rapidly transfer your data over the Internet:

Advanced change detection and data compression only send changed data, allowing faster backups.

Multithreaded transport technology avoids potential bottlenecks by transferring data over parallel threads.

Large-scale deployment of SSDs and flash memory helps avoid the disk latency issues that can arise from large data transfers.

Offsite Backup for All Your Critical Data

Zetta backs up offsite with very high data integrity, including multiple validation checks as part of the server backup process to ensure data is complete and error-free. With Zetta’s 100% customer data recovery rate, you’ll be able to count on your data being recoverable.

Server backup is vital for protecting your business, but not all servers need the same level of protection. With Zetta, you get the tools to back up the data you need, in the way you need it. Regardless of data type, you can manage all your server backup deployments from a single web-based interface, within the same product.

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Server Images

A server image captures all data on the server, from the operating system to the temp folder. Image backups ensure nothing is accidentally overlooked in a server backup; if it’s on the server, it will be on the server image.

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Individual Files and Directories

Sometimes, only certain data on a server is valuable. Save valuable space in your cloud backup storage by configuring the Zetta solution to back up only what you actually need to recover – for example, a user share server’s files, but not its copy of Windows.

Your directory structure is replicated in Zetta’s web-based recovery portal, so you can easily browse to and locate the files you need to recover.

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Zetta offers application-aware Exchange backup and SQL server backup to protect your databases with specific consideration for their unique requirements.

Database server backups can be set to a separate retention schedule from the rest of your dataset, and maintenance tasks like log truncation are automated to further streamline your workflows.

What Our Customers Say

Michael Goodwin

“Zetta's solution just works in the background without disturbing work flow, making it the perfect cloud backup & DR package”

Michael Goodwin, Technology Director, Server@Work. Customer since 2012