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Download and install any number of copies of the lightweight ZettaMirror client onto your servers, VMs and executive laptops.

Once ZettaMirror is installed, all configuration and management is done through a web browser.


Configuration: Two-click set-up

Select what time and what data to protect. On schedule, ZettaMirror wakes up, finds changes that have occurred since the last sync window, and then sends only the changed blocks to Zetta, where they are patched into the replica copy, bringing the backup current.


Online Status

Sync status history is always available via the web.


Daily Digest

Every day, you will receive a "Daily Digest" email depicting the success of all your systems’ syncs from the prior 24 hours. No need to dig around for peace of mind.


Automated Versioning

Zetta automatically snapshots your backup copy (daily is the default) creating an online, mountable retention history.


Data Recovery: Web Access to Data

Access your backup data is with just a web browser…from anywhere. Data is mirrored in the same file structure at Zetta that you use locally. This allows instant recovery / access to any files, folders, or entire file systems.


Data Recovery: Mapping a Drive

A second way to access your data is with a mapped network drive. Since data is stored at Zetta in file system format, you can map a local drive to the Zetta storage copy and directly access files with workstation tools and applications.


Data Recovery: Local Restore

The third way to recover/access data is to copy it back to a local server, either the original server that hosted the data or another one (possibly in another location).

Simply point to the data you want to restore, and the version you need, and ZettaMirror will pull it back down from the cloud.

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