Complete Backup for Windows Servers

Reliable, affordable, and fast Windows server backup includes:
• Backup and Disaster Recovery Software
• Application plug-ins for SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V
• Secure online storage
• 24x7 Unlimited US-based Support
Video’s 3-in-1 backup for Windows servers delivers:

Local Backup Backup large data files locally for immediate retrieval. Cloud Backup Automate daily offsite backups an eliminate disks and offsite services. Disaster Recovery Instantly recover from local backups or online storage – via software, Web browser, or mount backups as a local drive. Single Web-based Console Access your backup data with just a web browser…from anywhere. Data is mirrored in the same file structure at Zetta that you use locally. This allows instant recovery / access to any files, folders, or entire file systems.
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Zetta is trusted by hundreds of small & medium businesses

OUR CUSTOMERS "Yesterday I was able to restore a file within
less than one minute – so fast that the user was
still on the phone with me."
— Andy Abadia, TEECOM Architects
"Adding a new server to Zetta can take as
little as two minutes, including the
configuration of which files need to be
backed up."
— Larry Steinke, St. Francis School
"During Hurricane Sandy we backed up all
of our critical SQL data to a 2nd volume in
Zetta's West Coast data center."
— Jesse Reyna, Westinghouse
Customer Logos OUR PRODUCT Functionality & Value Software licenses for unlimited
number of servers/endpoints
All functionality included (Backup, DR,
Plug-ins and APIs 500GB of secure online storage 24x7 US-based phone support Starting at $175/month or $2,100/year (15% discount) Product Logos Zetta Video Zetta's founders got the idea for better backup
that can move millions of files very quickly over
the Internet while working at Netscape.
Get More from your Backups
MORE FUNCTIONALITY 3-in-1 Online Backup MORE AFFORDABLE Plans Start at $175/month FASTER Backup Windows EASIER 15 Minute Setup ENTERPRISE-GRADE 99.9996% Uptime
More Functionality
More Functionality 3-in-1 Backup, Archiving, Disaster Recovery
  • Backup, snapshot and replication – in one product
  • Versioning-enabled backups
  • Configurable retention schedules
  • Mountable drive letter access to backed up data in native file format
  • Optimized for SQL, Exchange, VM, Large File Systems; 18 OS platforms

Server Backup Essentials

The 10 Critical Elements of Server Backup Technology

Local vs. Off-Site Remote Offices IT Assets / Application
OS Platforms Data Protection Elements Backup Functionality Data Recovery Security / Encryption Support Costs
Local and off-site Backup Combination. It's a best practice to have a combination of local and off-site backup. Typically you want to keep large files, like databases and system state file backups on-site. This enables a quick recovery of the latest version of these files and reduces downtime. It's the most practical if your available bandwidth limits how fast you can restore these large files over the wire.

Off-site server backup is the other part of backup, that's critical for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. You can backup data either to removable media (tapes, USBs, disks) or to the cloud. Physical media backups can be cheap, however they require lots of manual intervention and getting tapes back to your office will take hours or days. Also, getting a tape back does not guarantee you'll be able to recover the data. Off-site media backup also becomes a security risk, because of the possibility of media being lost or stolen.

Cloud off-site server backup. Enterprise-grade cloud backup delivers significant advantages, like automation of daily backups, shorter backup windows, ability to immediately recover data from anywhere using just a web browser and lower costs. Learn More.

Local vs. off-site. Zetta's Backup and Recovery delivers both local and cloud off-site backup in one solution. It's SmartBackup logic delivers the most optimal combination of local and off-site backup to ensure speed, reliability, quick recovery, compliance and cost reduction.

Use This off-site Backup ROI calculator to compare costs for off-site backup in your environment
See How Much You Can Save With Zetta Online Backup

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