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Enterprise-grade Online Backup and Recovery for Corporate & Customer Data

Companies in the technology industry have some of the highest requirements for backup and recovery performance, security, and support — in addition to some of the largest and most complex data sets. Zetta’s enterprise-grade online backup, recovery and archiving solution was architected by technology industry veterans with successful experience protecting data at internet scale. The Backup and Recovery solution supports 18 OS platforms, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, and VMware, uses SSL and Salsa20 encryption, and is WAN-optimized for performance.

Customer Quotes

Zetta is very aggressive with adding capabilities – and has proven to be straightforward to install, configure and use. We've had consistent success just plugging it in and having the backup work."
— Mark Wertz, Mizon, General Manager
Zetta stores our data natively, there’s no other layer to deal with. So we don’t have to worry about the backup software changing or not being available in the future, when we need to recover some of our data."
— Andy Abadia, TEECOM

Featured Case Study

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Application: Database log storage Challenge: Expandable, reliable, remote storage for database log files. This award winning California-based social networking company needed expandable, storage for PostgreSQL write-ahead log files. Space and power were constrained in their own environment making offloading to an outside service attractive, but integration needed to be smooth. Zetta Solution: Zetta volume with fluctuating capacity of 5TB to 15TB, accessed via rsync over Internet connection. Zetta features that were significant to this solution include:
Accessible file system format Flexible capacity, on-demand Common file access protocols requiring no application development
Result: Multiple TBs of log file data are being safely and reliably transmitted and archived in the Zetta service.
Zetta’s growing customer base includes businesses from all over the United States:

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