Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery Webinars

The 3 Rules of Disaster Recovery

Preparing for recovery will keep your business moving forward when a disaster comes.

Rule #1: Have all the data.

Exchange Backup and DR:
What You Need To Know Now

Exchange Server backup and disaster recovery presents a unique challenge for IT Managers since Exchange data needs to be recovered quickly and without loss to keep business communication moving. This means frequent backups throughout the day, plus multiple snapshot copies. The problem is that having a mandate for zero data loss and rapid disaster recovery can cause companies to deploy multiple backup products, significantly increasing cost and complexity.

Affordable Server Backup and Recovery:
Local, Offsite and Remote

This webinar discusses how law firms can develop a complete backup and recovery strategy that's affordable. It will explore the key elements of backup functionality, address the best-of-breed vs. integrated backup debate, and offer best practices for offsite and remote office server backup – with an eye on the realities of law firm IT budgets.

Simplify your Backups

72% of IT Directors think data backup is too complicated according to the results of a recent survey we conducted. Many backups require time-consuming manual intervention, have frequent failures, and missed backup windows.

This webinar covers how to:
• Automate backups and eliminate tapes
• Achieve selectable RPO and instant RTO
• Use a single pane of glass for remote and central backups
• Have ongoing backup validation for reliable data recovery

From Tape to Cloud

CIO's View on Enterprise Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Best Practices Jeff Whitehead, former CIO of Shutterfly, and Chris Schin, VP Products at Zetta, will discuss the evolution of enterprise backup and disaster recovery. They will share best practices and demonstrate the latest enterprise online backup and disaster recovery service from Zetta that provides immediate access to your data for instant recovery.

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