ZettaMirror – The software side of the DataProtect solution

ZettaMirror is online backup software that replicates your data to a virtual volume creating a second copy of your data that is always available online.

It's a lightweight agent software that works with Zetta's online storage to provide 3-in-1 backup, recovery, and archiving for your enterprise data.

ZettaMirror is a part of the DataProtect Solution.

How IT benefits: Save time and effort – Your backup data is in
    constant sync with your primary data set
Meeting compliance requirements – Snapshots
    allow restoring of any version of files for years past with
    user-settable parameters.
Reduced costs – There's no licensing cost for
    ZettaMirror. Use it on as many servers or endpoints as
    required. You pay only for the amount of data you're
    storing online.
ZettaMirror shows a detailed recoverable version history
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