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Why did you get into IT?
A backup and recovery story

Enterprise Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Zetta Data Protection

Our award-winning enterprise cloud backup and restore solution is optimized for datasets up to 500 TB. Get reliable data protection for all your physical and virtual systems, so you can always recover what you need fast from and to anywhere. 

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Zetta Disaster Recovery

Push button failover protection for all of your business-critical data & applications. If disaster strikes, you can have your entire IT environment operational in Zetta’s secure cloud in less than five minutes. Disaster recovery priced significantly lower than traditional providers.

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Enterprise-Grade Speed & Reliability


Performance That’s Unmatched

Look around and you’ll find that no other business continuity solution offers the same level of reliability or speed as Zetta – especially when it comes to large datasets (up to 500TB). With Zetta you get:

  • Rapid push-button failover -- entire IT environment operational in cloud in under 5 minutes
  • Industry-leading cloud backup speeds, with 95.50% backups completing in less than 8 hours
  • 100% recoverability
  • Validated data integrity

Surprisingly Easy to Use

Zetta was specifically designed to save time. It’s painless to set up and easy to manage -- even across large & distributed IT environments. With Zetta’s centralized control & automated work flows there are fewer steps for your IT team to take when managing an outage or disaster. 

  • Set up in minutes, no extra hardware required
  • Manage backup-to-failback coverage from single pane of glass
  • Protect all your business-critical data and applications -- virtual & physical, Windows & Linux – from one platform

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Robust Solutions, Affordably Priced

Zetta is a cost-effective option for companies that are managing large and distributed IT environments or can’t afford to invest in a secondary site but require rapid failover and throughput rates.

Our all-in-one pricing includes:

  • Upfront network and VPN configuration
  • DR testing and planning
  • Unlimited restores and I/Os
  • 24/7/365 Silicon Valley-based, engineer-level support

Plus, you can scale your coverage up or down as needs change.

What Our Customers Say

"I literally used to have nightmares about backup, but I don't any more because I'm not worried about it.”

Tom Philips, IT Director, KE Andrews, Customer Since 2014

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