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6 Reddit Backup Rules from /r/SysAdmin

by Zetta Staff

The popular subreddit /r/sysadmin has a Wiki post on backup that lays out the requirements for a complete high-reliability backup. Let’s take a look at how Zetta’s enterprise cloud backup & DR solution meets the Reddit backup requirements. (Note: text in italics is from Reddit.)
The definition begins by stating what a backup is not:

Reddit backup rules r sysadmin

All of this is true, of course. So let’s go through the elements that do comprise a proper backup according to Reddit’s R Sysadmin.

The Elements of a Proper Backup According to the SysAdmins of Reddit 

1. A solution with the ability to restore any given file in the decided amount of time. Maybe a week.
Zetta’s Data Protection solution has this point clearly covered. In fact, daily snapshots enable any file to be restored to any previous day’s version for at least the last seven years; longer if required.

2. Restoration of this file should not depend on its state on the fileserver.
With Zetta, restoration can be back to the original fileserver; another server, laptop or workstation, or can be accessed through a browser from anywhere.
Once those basic two requirements are met, the page goes on to list three properties of a good backup system:
1. You have 2 daily backups, onsite and offsite. Zetta provides a complete local and offsite daily backups, allowing restoration from a local server or over an internet connection.
2. Offline backups are regularly done….They should be stored safely in the castle far far away, access to which is possible only by passing on the rickety bridge over a boiling lake of lava.
While we don’t have a boiling lake of lava or a shark-filled moat, the offsite backups are stored at physically secure data centers and both the data centers and the backup services have SSAE-16 audited security procedures. The backup data is encrypted using 256bit SSL encryption during transfer and with Salsa20 256bit encryption on the backup disks in the data center. Find out more about online backup security practices to seek out in a solution.

See how our enterprise cloud backup solution works.

Zetta Data Protection

3. Backup is automatically tested daily. Unless you have actually fully tested restoring your backups you don’t really have any. 
Zetta has automated systems to verify the data on all its backups immediately upon receipt to guard against any type of corruption or bit rot so that the backups will fully restore when needed. Customers are sent a daily email detailing the results of their most recent backups.
The Reddit Backup post then covers a few different strategies for backing up databases.
Zetta Data Protection includes a plug-in that provides on-premises and cloud backup, archiving and disaster recovery of SQL Server databases, with customizable retention schedules for each database. Learn more about online server backup essentials to look for.
The wiki post also contains a Checklist for ensuring your backups work. Most of these are covered above, such as: Have more than 1 day worth of backups. 7 days are probably minimum. Better keep backups for every month also. But there is one other point to discuss.


The Importance of Fast Backup Restores According to Reddit

Make sure you can restore anything from your backup fast. Case in point: say you backup virtual machines, and need to restore only one file from one of such backups. You better be able to do it in 30 seconds and without restoring the machine fully.
Zetta is the fastest tested cloud backup solution, able to protect data sets up to 100TB, instantly recover individual files, or entire servers up to 5TB in 24 hours directly from the cloud.
Finally, the Reddit backup Checklist ends with a bit of advice on the importance of backups:
Know that backups are one of most important things in your job, probably more important than quality of services you provide. See, without data any service is useless. And if you are new at this work and people tell you that email fails for an hour every day, set up proper backups first, or it may so happen that their email will be no more.
We completely agree with that assessment. But, if you do find yourself in such a position, it’s comforting to know that you can install and configure Zetta Data Protection in just 15 minutes, enabling you to quickly jump onto that email problem.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

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