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7 Q&As On Whether Cloud Backup Is Right For You

by Zetta Staff

IT managers can choose to manage their offsite backups themselves through traditional removable media and replication technologies, or to outsource through a cloud backup provider. Here are seven questions to help you determine if cloud backup is right for you.

1. What’s your job title?

If your title is anything besides “backup admin,” you probably have better things to do with your time than manage backups. With a cloud backup solution you can leverage your provider’s resources to help you monitor and maintain the integrity of your backups.

2. Do you expect your storage needs to grow?

If you’re looking at having to expand or upgrade your existing backup hardware, using an instantly-scalable cloud backup service may be cheaper than purchasing new non-scalable hardware.

3. Do you need to back up multiple locations?

It takes extra work to manage offsite backups from multiple locations, especially if you’re using manual processes like removable tape, hard drives or appliances and might need to rely on an untrained person to help with remote locations. With a cloud service, the remote locations back up directly over the Internet to the cloud provider and can be managed from a web portal without having to touch remote hardware.

4. Do you prefer a monthly fee rather than a high initial cost?

Backup servers, appliances and software can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in addition to ongoing licenses and maintenance. If you already have a system that you’re happy with, you may want to stick with the investment you made. Otherwise, you may find it more cost effective to pay a monthly service fee for cloud backup.

5. Are you too busy to verify your backups every day?

Backups are no good unless the data can be restored. If verifying backups is one of those items always on your to-do list and rarely on your done list, let a service provider verify that your files will be available when needed.

6. Do you want remote access to your backups?

Since a cloud service relies on software and the Internet instead of proprietary hardware, using cloud can let you restore data from your home computer, laptop or mobile device rather than driving into the office.

7. Are you tired of employees asking you to restore their files?

When many people think of backups, they think of recovering data in a disaster scenario – but the most common data restores are for a single accidentally-deleted file or directory. With a cloud service, you can give employees rights to restore their own files without giving you a call.

If you answered “yes” to the majority of these questions, then cloud backup might be right for you. Save time, money and headaches while still making sure your data is safely backed up offsite – talk to your IT provider about cloud backup today.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

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