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Amazon S3 for Backup: Disaster Recovery

by Zetta Staff

When Amazon S3 caused Netflix to go down in December, it highlighted 2 major problems with using Amazon S3 for backup: it’s not an integrated backup solution and doesn’t provide a disaster recovery solution.

Since adding additional layers of software to get complete backup and disaster recovery from S3 storage increases the cost by 8x – eliminating any perceived cost advantage – justifying S3 for backup is a difficult case to make.

Here’s why Amazon S3 for backup is a recipe for disaster (without recovery):

1. Reliability:  Enterprise-grade

The nature of backup is such that even small companies need enterprise-grade reliability, because if your backup data isn’t available when you need it, then the value of that backup is essentially reduced to zero.

Zetta’s Approach

The 3-in-1 backup and data disaster recovery solution has a 100% recovery reliability. No customer has been unable to recover a file – that’s enterprise-grade reliability.

2. Performance:  High

Backup speed is more important than ever. There’s more data to backup but backup windows are shrinking since network resources are in demand throughout the day (and night). Using Amazon S3 for backup is slow, since commodity cloud storage and 3rd party software isn’t WAN-optimized in the same way that an integrated solution can be.

Zetta’s Approach

Your backups complete faster with Zetta because of 17 different technologies that are working together to send less data, send data faster, and save/recover faster. A Midwestern college that recently switched to Zetta from a well-known backup software saw their backup time go from 24 hours to 90 minutes.

3. Security:  Auditable Standards

The folks behind S3 may know how to keep their storage secure and your backup software vendor of choice may know how to securely encrypt and transmit data, but having 2 vendors responsible for security has a tendency to create problems – especially if you’re trying to find out where a breach occurred.

Zetta’s Approach

Zetta’s entire backup and recovery service is SSAE-16 audited for security compliance; this includes our data centers and support personal. Of course, integrated storage and software that uses both SSL and Salsa20 encryption keeps your business data more secure than the multi-vendor approach of Amazon S3 for backup and a separate backup software product.

4. Pricing: Straight Forward

When companies start looking into Amazon S3 for backup it’s usually the $0.09/GB price that caught their attention. However, that price is just one of the lines on the monthly billing statement – data transfer charges, support, and the backup, recovery, and archiving software that has to be used is additional. When these are charges are added up, many companies find their paying a premium price for what amounts to a pretty basic backup solution.

Zetta’s Approach

To get more from your backups, consider Zetta’s 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery, and archiving solution starting at $225/mo. That price includes software licenses for unlimited number of servers/endpoints, all functionality (Backup, DR, archiving), plug-ins (SQL, Exchange, VMWare, Files), 500GB of secure online storage, and 24×7 US-based support.

We’re happy to send you custom pricing to find out what Zetta would cost in your environment.

Amazon S3 for backup is a recipe for disaster (without recovery) – there’s just no reason to go down that river.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.