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Business Email Archiving in the Cloud

by Zetta Staff

recent report from Small Business Computing suggests that data archiving will become more important than ever for SMBs in 2011. With the continuous growth of cloud computing, businesses will begin to look more and more at cloud archiving to solve their email security and backup needs.

Benefits of Email Archiving in the Cloud

Email archiving in the cloud allows businesses to search potentially millions of emails from varying email platforms to retrieve specific messages they need for a number of purposes, including:

    •   E-discovery: Electronic discovery can include the retrieval of specific information for legal inquiries and regulatory compliance audits. If you feel your company’s risk of being audited or sued is high, this can be a particular benefit.
    •   Disaster recovery solutionEmail storage in the cloud can ensure business continuity during emergencies – from simple power outages to natural disasters, burglaries, and more.
    •   Less infrastructure: Off-site email archiving means less infrastructure for your IT staff to maintain and house.
    •   Lower staffing costs: Less infrastructure to maintain also means fewer on-staff employees to maintain those systems, which means lower costs all around. Plus, since cloud computing is scalable to your growing needs, upgrading to more email storage space is simple, quick, and affordable.
Outsourcing email backup to the cloud can be an incredibly cost-effective, time-saving move for most businesses. From storage space and bandwidth to hardware and software and maintenance costs, you can save considerable time and money and protect yourself in cases of disaster or litigation.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

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