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D2D2T vs. Online Server Backup: Cost, Complexity and Capabilities

by Zetta Staff

An epic server backup battle is being waged right now in IT shops at small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. The battle is really just the choice between tapes, disks, D2D2T, and online server backup (which includes many sub-battles like appliance-based vs. no appliance & consumer vs. enterprise grade).
Disk-to-Tape (D2T) has been the backup approach/medium of choice for a long time. However, tape isn’t a good match for disaster recovery. And, as the amount of data involved scaled — backup times have begun regularly exceeding their available windows.
If you’re using Disk-To-Tape as your backup solution, and are looking to improve it by moving to Disk-To-Disk-To-Tape (D2D2T), consider for a moment an argument for online server backup – you might just end up changing sides.
Disk-to-Disk-To-Tape (D2D2T) helped address many of D2T’s limits, and offered a more responsive local solution for restores. But D2D2T has its own limits and issues:
•   It isn’t a good fit for disaster recovery in the event of a natural disaster (Or theft, or fire).
•   It doesn’t offer an easy way to minimize WAN and remote storage costs.
•   Interposing a disk device between primary storage and tape adds complexity, with more devices to manage, and things to break.
•   Going from D2D2T adds more cost, both in CapEx and OpEx. While it might offer some savings versus D2T, it still raises the total cost of backup.

Online Server Backup: A Better Backup Solution

Zetta’s 3-in-1 online server backup offers a solution that meets small business’ needs for simplicity, affordability, and scalability:
•   No additional on-site hardware – no new servers, no storage, no data center space, power or cooling.
•   Simple pricing. No start-up or initialization fees, no license fees for the backup agent — you pay only for how much data you’re protecting.
•   Minimal WAN usage – once the initial full backup has been “seeded,” all Zetta sends are sub-file level changes.
•   Instant disaster recovery. No tapes to find, fetch or mount. Your files are there, looking just like a replica of your local system – because they are a replica of your local file system.
•   Quick and easy to get started. Again: no local hardware, and you can start with a free trial using an unlimited number of endpoints and data.
•   No more security, management of local or in-transit media. Stop worrying about securely transporting and storing tapes or hard drives.
Hey, tape was great — in its day. And disks are great for server backup, disaster recovery, and archiving – but that doesn’t mean you should be buying and managing them. Especially when a legion of superheroes like Zetta is standing by to do it for you.
Learn more about Zetta’s disaster recovery solution or request custom pricing.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.