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Education Technology: A Hybrid Cloud Backup That Solves School Challenges

by Zetta Staff

If you manage technology for an educational institutions – a college, university, K-12, or other school – then you know that the amount of data your institution needs to protect is growing faster than ever, along with the different devices and platforms that data lives on.
Keeping up with this growth using traditional backup is getting harder and harder, while backups themselves are taking longer and longer. Zetta’s cloud backup solution is helping many school IT folks overcome these challenges.

Backup Challenges in Schools

In addition, you have to protect electronic test scores, student transcripts, digital curricula, teachers’ planning documents, and possibly other data belonging to students. Some schools also have to comply with government regulations for data protection, such as ensuring that a backup copy is kept at least ten miles from the primary data’s location, and that data is available upon request.

Zetta: 100% cloud-based protection. No hidden costs.

Zetta Data Protection

Some school IT folks may find that their old backup solution can’t provide the backup window, RTO or RPO for today’s higher data volumes and tighter restore/recovery requirements.
Others may never have been happy with their previous solutions, like the limits of tape management, but until now, didn’t see an alternative with the right mix of affordability, performance, reliability, and simplicity.

New Cloud Backup Solutions Meet The Challenge of Education

Many schools — like many businesses — are looking at new backup solutions to replace their existing disk-to-tape (D2T), disk-to-disk (D2D), disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T), or older electronic vaulting solutions.
Zetta’s cloud backup solution offers educational institutions a backup solution that’s simple, flexible, scalable, and affordable:
No startup investments — no hardware, no per-server software licensing, no start-up fees. You pay based on how much data is being backed up.
Easy to try, easy to start, easy to scale. You can download, install, and be trying Zetta on a single server within minutes — and expand Zetta coverage to as much of your storage environment as you want quickly and easily. (Zetta supports both Windows, Linux, and Mac server environments.)
Recover data simply – including current and previous versions of files – using standard web browsers, within seconds, from any machine. No delays finding, mounting and reading old tapes. Since Zetta uses standard directory and file formats, instead of proprietary software, you backups are “future-proof.”
Once configured, backup is automatic — and your current IT staff can field recovery requests quickly and easily, without needing any special software or other tools.
Whether your educational institution is small or large, your backup solution should give you piece of mind, not a migraine. That’s what the students are for.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.