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Faster Performance for Large Datasets Trumps Bigger Backup

by Zetta Staff

All jokes aside, we know that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. After all, a super-sized burger and fries is still fast food, and a full-size SUV is still a gas guzzler.

It’s the same story with cloud backup. Just because a vendor boosts the capacity of its solution to address enterprises’ near-insatiable appetite for data doesn’t guarantee a better backup experience unless the offering accounts for the performance piece of the equation.

Capacity vs. Performance

Take Azure Backup, for example. Recently, Microsoft amped up the size of the data source that Azure can handle from 1.7 terabytes to 54.4 terabytes, touting the boost as natural for businesses streaming multimedia content between PCs, smartphones and other devices. Microsoft said it came up with the 54.4 TB data ceiling because of the technical limits of VHDX, the company’s Hyper-V virtual hard disk format.

While 54.4TB certainly gives companies plenty of head room to backup burgeoning data stores, the jump is meaningless if the backup process for all that data is so painstaking slow that it makes large data sets impractical.

Rather than capacity, a high-speed data transfer rate provides a much better shot at successful backup for large data sets to ensure systems and applications are backed up within a specified window with minimal disruption. With built-WAN acceleration capabilities, services like Zetta can shuttle large amounts of data across the Internet at speeds up to 5TB in 12 hours.

Put to the Test

Third-party testing by Mediatronics confirmed the upside to Zetta’s performance-focused approach. Zetta DataProtect was compared to Microsoft Azure for an initial backup of 490GB of data to the cloud with minor changes made to 5% of the data to evaluate both products’ incremental backup capabilities.

The result of the speed test found that Zetta’s full backup was 6x faster (2 hours, 56 minutes) compared to Azure (18 hours, 5 minutes).

Zetta also completed the incremental backup task in 1 hour, 7 minutes—17x faster than Azure at 17 hours, 25 minutes.

With enterprises showing no sign of pulling back on their data demands, it’s easy to see how speed trumps capacity as the best way to get more from your backup buck. Learn about how Zetta makes cloud backups faster.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.