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How to Acquire a Company, Technically: Protecting New Data with Online Backup

by Zetta Staff

When your company acquires another company you want to quickly start protecting the acquired company’s pool of data. This is a perfect use case for cloud backup and restore, DRaaS, and archiving.
Like the process of evaluating and purchasing the new company, integrating its people, products, processes, and IT into yours will take time. Integrating their IT systems, applications and infrastructure into yours can take several months, depending on the size of the companies in question.

There’s years of existing data to be concerned about — everything from product development and other intellectual property through sales databases and customer records. Mergers and acquisitions add to IT’s workload, creating distractions, and, of course, there’s always the possibility of sabotage. This means that the just-paid-for data is at higher-than-normal risk of being lost.

And, of course, the acquired company may be using a backup solutions that doesn’t meet your company’s requirements in terms of availability, reliability and compliance — requirements that you probably can’t wait months to satisfy.

Simply Add Online Backup

But you don’t have to merge data or IT, or to wait, to start protecting your new company’s data with a resource that’s under your IT’s control. Simply add online backup.
Zetta’s 3-in-1 cloud-based instant data protection lets you close the gap on IT integration, and start protecting this new data within minutes. There’s no hardware to install, no large upfront payment, or per-endpoint licensing fees — you pay only for the data you want protected.

Integrated Cloud Data Protection

To protect the new companies data, Zetta’s snapshot & replication-based backup with file versioning keeps a fully instantiated replica file system of the acquired company’s servers, with the ability to go back to the daily snapshots for a version of a file from a specific day.
This integrated 3-in-1 solution gives you encrypted offsite data backup with secure online access. More specifically, it’s web-based disaster recovery with an option to recover through a mounted web drive.

Deploy Remotely in Minutes

All installation requires is a lightweight software agent.There’s no new hardware involved and ZettaMirror supports 18 OS platforms, including server different flavors of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Reduce IT Chores & Costs

The goal of this tactic – using online backup to protect the data of a newly acquired company – is to reduce IT chores and costs around integrating data and making it available to the new, larger company.
Zetta’s solution helps IT by providing no-touch incremental backups that are WAN optimized for performance, with web-based centralized management and granular permissions.
Integrating a new company will still take time. But you can ensure the data that’s part of your new acquisition is being protected, and will be there when you’re ready to put it to use.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.