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cloud backup saves vacation

How Cloud Backup Can Save Your Vacation

by Laura Knight

Crises have an uncanny knack for striking during vacations. This holds true for most professions, but it’s ESPECIALLY true for IT – and if the person going on vacation is the only one who really knows how to fix something, it’s practically guaranteed.

In other words, it you’re the one in charge of backups (and especially if the company is small enough that there’s no backup for YOU), you can pretty much expect there’ll be a critical data loss emergency the minute your plane leaves the runway.

So there you are with 2500 miles between you and the office, and you get a frantic call that the CFO’s financial outlook report has suddenly and mysteriously vanished. Now what?

The $200/Night Office With a View

If your office relies on tape backups, you’ll need to piece together whether the particular tape they need is already in offsite storage, and coordinate the retrieval if necessary. Once the correct tape is available, depending on your setup you might need to coach an untrained coworker via phone through restoring from the tape (and how to find the file they need).

If you’ve got an appliance, you might still have to talk someone onsite through the restore process. And if your appliance is the kind that just takes server images, you’ll also have to explain how to find that one important file. Either way, it sounds like your visit to paradise is turning into a more expensive version of the daily grind.

On the other hand, if you’re a Zetta cloud backup shop, you’re sipping Mai Tais at the beachside tiki bar in no time flat.

Recover Data from Anywhere & Everywhere

Data loss incidents are unpleasant, and data loss incidents while you’re away are even more unpleasant. But it’s also the kind of situation where the cloud and, in particular, SaaS can really shine.

Since the Zetta service is based on the Internet and not any particular piece of hardware (or a large, complex, licensed-per-endpoint software program, for that matter), you aren’t tied to a particular location for your restores. When something needs to be recovered, you can log in through the web from anywhere with an Internet connection and start it back on its way.

Moreover, the recovery process is designed to save time and avoid unnecessary data transfer. Once you’re logged into the web portal, you can browse all your backed-up files as if they were on your desktop, then just select and restore the files you actually need. This lets you get your data back as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Additionally, with our newest 4.6 release you now have the ability to browse into image backups and download individual files without needing to recover the entire image. This is accomplished using the same interface that accesses individual files backed up with Zetta through a standard web browser. You can then either download the needed file directly or trigger a recovery to drop that data back into the original location, WITHOUT having to recover the entire server image first. Since server images can get pretty enormous, this can be a huge time savings (and incidentally, it also allows you to get the best of both backup worlds – the convenience of file-based with completeness of server images).

So the next time you disembark at Kahului to discover a critical file is missing (and that the office has been calling every 15 minutes waiting for you to land), it doesn’t necessarily mean your vacation plans just got scuttled. Just plop down in the hotel business center, log in to the Zetta portal, restore the missing file to its proper location and be on your way. Those Mai Tais aren’t going to drink themselves.

Laura Knight
Laura Knight

As Content Marketing Manager, Laura writes, edits, designs and is always on the lookout for new ways to tell the Zetta story.