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How to Set Up Zetta Two Factor Authentication

by Laura Knight

Zetta two factor authentication uses standards-compliant, time-based authentication for customers that have enabled two factor authentication. Completely compatible with the Google Authenticator and other standards-compliant two factor devices, Zetta requires a user to input a secure code in addition to their username and password for access.

To configure two factor authentication you will need to navigate to My Profile > Password and then re-enter your password in the two factor authentication window.

two factor authentication password setup

This will bring up the Google Authenticator workflow which will walk you through the steps of configuration.

1) First you will need to download the Google Authenticator App from your mobile device’s App store.

2) Next you will need to set up an account and scan the barcode that is displayed in the Zetta UI.

3) Lastly, you will be provided a code to enter which will verify the installation and registration.

4) After completion of this setup you will also be able to generate backup codes to save and use in the event of your two factor device being lost or destroyed.

Two factor authentication setup directions
Laura Knight
Laura Knight

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