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Online Server Backup Essentials: A Backup Functionality Checklist

by Zetta Staff

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud backup and restore for servers is the increase in functionality over backup solutions that use an appliance, tapes, or other removable storage. If you’re shopping for online server backup, here’s a checklist of functionality to look for:
1. Local Backup Software – The software supplied with any online server backup solution should be able to backup large data files locally for immediate retrieval. The most important use case for this feature is database files like SQL and Exchange that can easily reach 80GB in size and take time to recover over the internet.
2. Plug-ins and APIs – Backup software needs to have the ability to easily backup VMware files, SQL, Exchange, and System State files. In addition, Zetta’s solution offers a customizable API so you can backup any application in your environment.
3. Offsite Backup and Online Storage – Automated daily offsite backups are what lets you eliminate tapes, disks, and offsiting services.
4. Remote Office Backup – Backing up remote office servers becomes very easy when you can install a lightweight software client and use a web-based console to manage backups in remote offices.

5. Online Archiving – Properly archiving files requires the ability to set custom retention schedules for version-enabled archives that meet regulatory compliance requirements.
6. Local and online disaster recovery – The major benefit of hybrid cloud backup is the ability to recover instantly from the local backup or from secure online storage. Additionally, Zetta’s solution gives you 3 recovery options: use the ZettaMirror software, a web-browser, or mount your backup as a network drive.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

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