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Rethinking Virtual Server Backup: Hyper-V and VMware

by Zetta Staff

Virtual server backup requires rethinking the way backup and restore are done. It’s not enough to just back up everything on a physical server, including the virtual machines, because VMs can switch from one box to another on a moment’s notice.

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Here are six ways that backing up VMs differs from backing up physical machines:
1. Resource sharing – Backup puts a high load on physical resources such as disk I/O and networking. When several VMs are trying to back up simultaneously on the same physical server, this can lead to conflicts and overutilization.
2. Server sprawl – Virtualization makes it easy for IT to set up VMs and they frequently grant other business departments permission to set up their own virtual servers at will. Backup needs to automatically occur whenever a new VM is set up. In addition, because they are easy to set up and not fully under IT’s control, VMs set up for a test or temporary use are often never decommissioned.
3. VMs contain applications, data, log files, operating system files and services, all of which require backup.

4. VMs are mobile and the backup copy must follow the VM as it moves from one physical server to another.
5. VM configuration is often set up to reserve more disk space than is initially needed, and this excess space gets backed up.
6. Multiple VMs share the same OS, but backing up each OS instance can be a waste of resources.

Zetta’s Integrated + Affordable Virtual Server Backup Solutions

While each of the hypervisor vendors has a proprietary solution for backing up its own virtual machines, Zetta Data Protection offers a single solution to backup both physical and virtual servers, locally and to the cloud. Zetta addresses each of the above issues.
•   Single solution – Zetta backs up all physical servers (Windows, Mac, or Linux), virtual servers and desktops (Windows and Mac), so there is no need to purchase and manage separate backup products.
•   System state – Zetta stores the complete system state of each physical or virtual server.
•   Lean backups – Once the full backup is completed, Zetta only transmits changed bytes for backup and uses deduplication and compression technologies to further reduce the amount of data that is transmitted and stored. This addresses the issue of conflicts arising on servers when multiple VMs are trying to back up simultaneously, cuts the network load and reduces the amount of backup disk space needed.
•   VMware Integration – Zetta has plug-ins for VMware so there is never a problem with backups or recoveries as the VMs change physical locations.
•   No server licensing – Although server sprawl can create other problems for IT, at least with Zetta there is no additional licensing fee for each additional VM spun up. Since Zetta also only saves changes, there won’t be continuing weekly full and daily incremental of idle servers.
To see how much integrated physical and virtual server backup would cost in your environment – get a custom quote today.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.