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Survey Summary: Cloud Computing, Technology and Adoption in 2017

by Maggie Getova

Cloud Adoption Among IT Pros

We conducted our first cloud adoption survey in order to find out how IT professionals are leveraging the cloud in their organizations in 2017. IT pros also shared on how they’re planning on changing their cloud application plans, and where they would like to see cloud technology improve. The results showed some pretty interesting findings on how IT pros are prioritizing (or not prioritizing) the cloud.


Applications Hosted in the Cloud

First we wanted to find how what the most popular cloud-based applications among IT pros are. According to the survey results, more than half (60%) of IT pros are using the cloud as part of their backup strategy. Almost ¾ (72%) are currently using productivity suites such as Office 365 in their organization, making it the most popular cloud-based application. Other popular cloud-based applications include:

  • 52% Email
  • 48% File Sharing
  • 38% Cloud Storage
  • 37% Customer Relationship Management


When asked about their motivation behind moving workloads to the cloud, over half of respondents listed the reduction of the burden on IT staff (61%) and the reduction of maintenance effort (55%) as top reasons. Less than half responded that scalability and features were a driver.


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Cloud-Based versus On-Premise Applications

We wanted to find out how cloud applications compare to on-premise applications, and the benefits of having applications hosted in the cloud versus on-premise. 66% of respondents claimed that cloud applications are easier to deploy than on-premise applications. Other responses include:

  • 58% claim cloud-based apps are less expensive to maintain than on-premise apps
  • 51% claim cloud-based apps are more reliable than on-premise apps
  • 37% claim cloud-based apps are more secure than on-premise apps

IT pros also have some concerns about moving their applications to the cloud. Security is still the number one concern, followed by cost (44%). Other concerns among organizations include regulatory compliance (33%) and limited bandwidth (23%).


Cloud Adoption Will Continue to Grow

According to the survey results, the popularity of the cloud will continue to rise. Over half of IT pros (57%) are planning on moving more of their applications to the cloud.

For the full survey results, check out the Cloud Adoption in 2017 infographic.

Maggie Getova
Maggie G

Maggie is a content writer and editor at Zetta. She writes for the blog and manages web content.