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White Label Online Backup Solution Checklist

by Zetta Staff

If white labeling is a key part of your strategy, you can brand an enterprise-grade cloud+local backup & disaster recovery (DR) solution from Zetta to call your own.

Zetta offers fast & affordable solutions for distributed organizations.

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While this is good news for MSPs looking for a white label disaster recovery solution, the bigger issue has more to do with the effectiveness of the solution because let’s face it; it’s your reputation is on the line. At the same time, you want to select a cloud backup solution that gets you more customers quickly, lowers your operational costs and shows you the money!

Check List

Below is a white label check list of cloud backup features and capabilities to help ensure you maintain the level of service your customers are accustomed to receiving while driving more business to your bottom line.

Attract More Customers

Select a cloud backup solution that allows you to attract more and larger customers, resulting in higher recurring revenue. Key capabilities include:

1. Speed: Optimizes network throughput to rapidly move large data sets over the Internet with built-in WAN acceleration technologies, greatly reducing backup windows and speeds faster-time-to-recovery for customers.

2. Support for Heterogeneous Environments: Provides comprehensive file-level, applications such as SQL, Exchange and server image backups for physical and virtual environments, running on Windows, Linux or Mac to support your diverse client needs.

3. Flexible Recovery Options: Integrates disaster recovery service that provides flexible restore options. Restore from local storage, mount backups as a local drive in the cloud to restore individual files or directories to entire server images from a web browser or spin up and run both physical and virtual servers, applications and networks directly from the cloud.

Reduce Management Overhead

Simplicity is one of the key benefits of the cloud. So by definition, a cloud backup solution should reduce your time and resources in managing backups, resulting in higher margins for your business.

4. Appliance-Free Approach: Opt for a solution that does not require an appliance or extra staging device to deploy and manage at your customer sites, thus eliminating cost, complexity and restrictions of appliance-based systems.

5. Single-Pane-of-View: Demand a centralized management console to remotely access and manage backups from anywhere via a Web-based browser.

6. Automation: Ensure you can automate capabilities such as setting up rules, scheduling backups and receiving centralized reports to eliminate manual processes

Deliver a Reliable, Profitable Solution

Uptime is critical for all businesses. As you can imagine, the standards for a cloud backup provider are even higher. The solution should be designed to not only deliver enterprise-class features but provide high level of reliability you can trust to generate a more profitable service.

7. Security and Compliance: Demonstrates the highest level of security, including encryption in flight and rest in SSAE-16 audited datacenters and operations that complies with industry regulations, such as HIPAA and ITAR.

8. Five 9s or More Reliability: Provides at least 5 nines in backup success (99.999%) and the same or better for restoring data.

9. 24×7 Engineer-level Support: Teams with you to provide round-the-clock support you can count on anytime, day or night (at no extra cost by the way).

If you’re interested in a solution that delivers on these attributes, come talk to Zetta about white-labeling our cloud backup and disaster recovery service.

Zetta Staff
Zetta Staff

Zetta’s pioneering cloud backup and recovery technology provides the surest path from data disasters to business as usual.