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From MozyPro to Zetta: Kleinfelder Migrates 62TB of Data to Eliminate Failed, Slow Backups

Zetta Achieves 40X Faster Cloud Backup than MozyPro by EMC

Sunnyvale, CA

Zetta today announced that Kleinfelder, a global engineering consulting firm, selected’s cloud backup and disaster recovery solution to eliminate failed and slow backups, boost data transfer speed and improve IT efficiency. The migration of 62TB from MozyPro to resulted in a smooth and fast transition.

“Backups were slow and running into our work hours with MozyPro. In addition, 10 percent of our backups would fail in all of our 60 offices,” said Dave Johnson, ITS Systems Engineer at Kleinfelder. “After testing various solutions, we selected Zetta for its cloud backup speed, reliability of the solution and the high quality service from their support team.”

Fast and Seamless Migration from MozyPro to Zetta

Kleinfelder needed a cloud backup solution that can move supersized datasets over the Internet fast and easy. “Zetta’s world-class support team helped us move over 60TB fast with its WAN optimization, and without any hiccups,” says Johnson.

Enterprise-grade Cloud Backup Eliminates Failed Backups, Improves Speed and IT Staff Efficiency

Having large daily change rates was a key issue for Kleinfelder, resulting in high failure rates with the previous solution. Since moving to Zetta, the company has saved five to seven hours a week in staff time managing backups and failed backups are no longer an issue.

Zetta’s fast cloud backup and recovery speed was a critical factor. During a recent office closure, Kleinfelder needed to move data from the office to its data center and they used Zetta to recover the data directly from the cloud. “It took one-third of the time to restore data from Zetta’s cloud versus our local server to our data center,” says Johnson.

Third-party Speed Test Results: 40x Faster Cloud Backup

A recent third-party cloud backup speed test between Zetta and MozyPro was conducted. An initial 490GB of image backup was used for the full backup and 25GB of files were changed, representing an aggressive five percent change rate. The results revealed that achieves 40X faster cloud backup for the full backup and 9X faster for incremental backup compared to MozyPro. Download the vs. MozyPro for Business Backup Speed Test full report.

About Zetta

Zetta is an award-winning provider of enterprise-grade cloud backup and restore, DRaaS and archiving solution for small/medium enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs). Its software-only approach with built-in WAN acceleration enables companies to simplify backups, speed data recovery and reduce overall cost.