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TruePosition Selected Zetta to Backup 70TB of Data to the Cloud

WAN-Optimized Performance Moves Supersized Data Quickly and Makes Restores Immediate

Sunnyvale, CA

Zetta today announced that TruePosition, the global leader in location determination and intelligence solutions, has chosen’s cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution to quickly transfer TruePosition’s massive backup requirement of 70TB and address its need for immediate restores.

With nearly 100TB of data, TruePosition is a mid-sized company with a substantial backup requirement, at about 70TBs. Given its massive data needs, performance was a critical factor in choosing a cloud backup and restore solution. After extensive research for the right provider, the company chose Zetta for its ability to accommodate the scale of the backup and, at the same time, avoid any drag on performance of other operations.

“One of our concerns was how we were going to push 70TB of data across a 100MB Internet pipe without making everything else come to a crawl,” says Erick Panger, TruePosition's Director of Information Technology. “With proper planning and thanks to Zetta's WAN optimization capabilities, backup performance was a non-issue.”

Ease of operation and Zetta's support team was another benefit in streamlining the transition away from tape. “Zetta's support has been readily available to field routine questions and to solve any potential problems any time, day or night,” Panger says.

TruePosition, a manufacturer of location intelligence solutions, maintains a huge data repository, most of it related to software testing and all of it considered indispensable by its team of engineers. In addition to about seven or eight SQL Server databases filled with information like SAP financial data, TruePosition has about 70TB of individual flat files housing test data, which provides an on-going record of integration tests, hardware tests, new release builds, bug fixes, and patches. "We're a tech company with a bunch of engineers, all of whom love to keep data,” says Panger.

Zetta’s reliability has proven to be the stress relief Panger and his team needed. Its easy install and user-friendly management console has replaced 48 hours of tape location and retrieval with near real-time backup and restore. “You right click, copy, and paste and you're done,” he says.

Click on the TruePosition case study to learn more about how they use the Zetta for high performance cloud backup and DR.

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Zetta is an award-winning provider of enterprise-grade cloud backup and restore, DRaaS, and archiving solution for small/medium enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs.) Its software-only approach with built-in WAN acceleration enables companies to simplify backups, speed data recovery and reduce overall cost.